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Unlocking Secrets Behind The Tai Chi Symbol



Chi energy plays a big role in feng shui culture. But other Chinese cultures who perhaps don’t adhere just to feng shui also believe in chi, too. The overall belief is the same – that the chi energy flows not only in our environment but in our body, directly affecting our personal wellbeing.

Chi energy reflects outward in the way we express ourselves, as well as in what we choose to eat, how we dress, and the way we express our creativity, including how we write or speak. So the very essence of us – how we live, breathe, exercise and our overall health, is impacted by and a reflection of, our chi.


Chi in Martial Arts

Those involved in Chinese Martial Arts or Qi Gong say the key to excellent chi is to attract the chi and then learn to manage it. It is said to be our living essence itself. In our bodies, when the energy is balanced, it creates health and vitality. When the energy is unbalanced, it’s believed we are opening the door to sluggishness and illness.

Chi in Feng Shui

As to feng shui in particular, chi energy is about finding balance in order to have good fortune of whatever kind. This is often talked about as it pertains to our living spaces. Because balanced chi is so important, homes and businesses are many times built or re-designed with this in mind. Where walls are, how rooms are set up, the sizes of various spaces, all play a role in the feng shui pursuit of happiness by way of good chi.

Chi can be affected as time goes by. Good feng shui chi is meant to not be static but instead fluidly moving and inevitably going through perhaps dynamic changes. Thus, choosing an environment open to a good flow is advised which can be impacted in different ways depending on one’s horoscope or feng shui forecasts, rather than choosing something that appears doomed from the start.

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Tai chi

Tai chi is the term for the yin and yang aspects of this ever-flowing energy. Too much of one or the other – yin or yang – is not beneficial. Most people have seen (perhaps without knowing what it is) the symbol for this energy balance, which is identified by a circle containing a black and a white embryonic-looking symbol, standing for freshness and growth. The white symbol is depicting the yang chi, and the black is yin chi. Look closely and you’ll see they overlap slightly, signifying the balance.

Consider yin as the calming, peaceful energy while yang is the more alert and enervating energy. Together, when these are balanced, the powers of the Universe are thought to open to us. For those deep in feng shui studies, there is more to learn in terms of six energies and the five elements, which together are thought to create what’s called the “ten thousand things.” This depth of involvement in chi is often left to Masters, and the ancient Masters are said to have created ways and principles to not only attract good energy flow to a location, but to also adjust to the many changes that occur, thus providing guidelines to designing and maintaining a harmonious living space.

A highly intuitive feng shui practitioner may be needed to solve some issues of chi flow, but for many people, understanding the problems and applying recommended feng shui cures is often found in literature discussing feng shui, which can lead to auspicious and successful events.


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