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Recognizing The Significance of Feng Shui Symbolisms


Feng Shui encourages and allows us to take control of our lives. It makes us aware of the energies that surround us and how to use them to our advantage. It introduces us to various symbols that help in different ways to enhance and improve our lives and helps us to be content and happy. Symbols service various purposes that help in every aspect of life. These symbolisms hold significant meaning and promote healing at various levels. The use of symbols can be made to improve the environment in your office, house or anywhere where you feel a sense of negativity and are looking to bring in good luck.

The use of these symbols is widely known to cure and attract multiple kinds of luck. However, no matter what you use these symbols for, they cannot work their magic and fulfill their promises of bringing you luck if they are not placed appropriately. Many of these symbols are widely popular but a few are not. Here are five of the most powerful symbols that exist in Feng Shui:

1.    The Laughing Buddha

Feng Shui uses many forms of Buddhas for various reasons but out of all those, the Laughing Buddha is easily the most popular. It brings happiness into your life as well as luck in the money area. The  sculpture should be placed facing the front door. This way the chi of the visitor is positive when they come in.

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2.    The Pagoda Tower

Deriving from the Buddhist stupa, the Pagoda Tower is said to be the most intellectual symbols out of all available. Only a few other symbols possess a power that is similar to that of the Pagoda Tower. The Pagoda Tower works towards organizing unorganized minds and helps you to focus and achieve academic success.

Pagoda Tower


3.    The Dragon

The Dragon is one of the most popular symbols and possesses both positive and negative qualities. It is one of the four Celestial Animals and is the vital symbol of Feng Shui. The dragon brings to you three of the main qualities for your wellbeing: strength, protection and prosperity. While placing the dragon, keep it towards the East, especially if you are keeping it in your office. There are many dragon carvings that are easily found but it should be noted that metal dragons should be avoided as these could be harmful and have a negative effect.

feng shui dragon

4.    Fu (or Foo) Dogs

Fu Dogs are highly popular in Chinese tradition and in Feng Shui. They are symbols of protection. They guard you against negative energy and bad thoughts that could harm you in any way and make sure nothing but good thoughts and positive energy access your way. The Fu Dogs should always be purchased in pairs and placed at a height. They can be placed outside your home or office as your guardians.

fu dogs

5.    The Mystic Knot

Not only in Feng Shui or Chinese traditions, the Mystic Knot is known to be of high importance in many different religions and spiritually as well. Being the sign of infinity, the Mystic Knot is believed to be a symbol that guides you towards a prosperous and healthy life with good fortune. Place the symbol in the southwest part of your bedroom or your office as it promotes and enhances contentment, relationships, harmony and loyalty.

mystic knot feng shui


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