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How to Stay Safe During Hungry Ghost Month


It’s that time again – the 7th month – when Chinese people around the world prepare to appease hungry spirits. In 2015 it runs from 14th August to 12th September. It’s said the Gates of the Spirit World open wide during this time, releasing millions of spirits, especially on the Night of the Hungry Ghost – 28th August this year. People believe it’s particularly necessary to use extra caution, especially when leaving home or during nighttime outdoor activities.

What is a Hungry Ghost?

Because they are spirits, these ghosts are not able to satisfy their hunger or thirst with food or water like humans, so they can only rely on the scent of food or their other favorite scent, burning incense, to become appeased and happy. These spirits feel deprived of earthly pleasures and begin causing problems when they are not happy. It’s therefore highly advised to do what you can to please them with certain food offerings and the burning incense ritual, every night if possible during this precarious month.


Ways to Appease the Hungry Ghost

As mentioned, a powerful way to appease the Hungry Ghost is through the use of incense, in the Incense Offering Ritual. This is said to not only placate wandering spirits, but also remove obstacles they may put in your way. Just after sunset (also known as dusk) is considered the best time. As for the scent, something sweet is recommended, perhaps kemenyen or sandalwood. Walk clockwise around your rooms and outside your home while chanting this mantra: NAMAH SARVA TATHAGATHA AVALOKITE OM SAMBHARA SAMBHARA HUNG, while holding your incense burner. Once you have completed this ritual, leave the incense burning till it runs out, which is an offering you are giving to the angels, spiritual protectors, dakinis, wandering spirits, and any holy beings around you.

Another method to help deal with wandering, potentially negative spirits is believed to help combat the accidents, robberies or other dangers they may cause. This involves relying on spiritual protection from negativity. It can be achieved by displaying in your home any amulets or images of mighty cosmic guardians, especially near the entrance where you live. Try also wearing protective amulets next to your body, especially if they contain special mantras. One key suggestion for protection is The White Umbrella Goddess (aka Ushnisha Sitatapatra), said to be capable of strongly destroying harmful spirits and black magic. Invite her into your home, perhaps by way of a statue or plaque. She is also seen engraved on some crystal balls. The Goddess has 1000 arms, each carrying a white parasol, symbolizing her ability to protect you or your home from 1000 dangers.

Consider carrying the Night Spot Talisman Amulet Keychain in featuring the image of Lord Chung Kwei, legendary Chinese Ghost Catcher. It has been said that spirits fear him and run away if they hear his name or see his image. He is skilled in catching negative spirits threatening betrayal, robbery or theft. Clip the Night Safety Amulet with his image on a handbag or inside your car for protection when away from home.


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