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The Unlucky Feng Shui 2016 Flying Stars Overview

This is the year of the Monkey. On the 2016 Feng Shui chart the Illness Star #2 will dominate and from 4/2/2016 to 4/2/2017 the energy of the world is more vulnerable to new disease and illness. Due to this shadow of disease people should gain protection from illness by taking extra precautions. Out of all that comes from the Flying Star Feng Shui chart this is the strongest warning.


The Five Yellow – 2016 Located in the NorthEast

The Five Yellow - 2016 - NESince this star usually indicates a coming loss, accident, bad luck or misfortune this is one of the more feared stars on the flying star chart. If you live or work in a sector that is affected by the five yellow you are likely going to suffer a loss whether it be related to income, relationships or both. For that reason experts in Feng Shui advise those who the five yellow will afflict to empty the rooms affected. If your bedroom is in the Northeast of your home this is a good time to change bedrooms if possible. If it is not considered, move the bed if it is in the northeast corner to a different position. Also place Feng Shui remedies in your bedroom in the northeast corner.

Northeast locations should be kept quiet in 2016 so avoid loud music, if the television is in the northeast corner move it. Close the doors and windows and keep them closed. Out in your garden avoid digging or pruning any trees in the northeast as this could trigger the five yellow ill effects leading to accidents and loss. In terms of renovating do not do anything in the northeast of either your garden or your home. If you have renovation plans you need to keep all of it away from the northeast so no demolition, digging, banging and so on. If the entire house is being done and you are leaving it to avoid the chaos this is okay and the taboo is not in affect then.

The Illness Star #2 – 2016 finds it located in the center

Illness Star 2 - 2016 - centerWhile coughs, colds and so on are common to all of us at some point throughout the year, those who have homes afflicted more directly by the illness star may have some serious illness to deal with. This includes people who have the illness star #2 where their front doors are, or in their bedrooms. It will make you more vulnerable to disease and this will also affect everyone else in the house as if the chart’s center has a negative star number this affects the whole household. So be ready to take the right Feng Shui precautions.

It is important in 2016 to suppress this star with stronger cures like those harnessing the divine energy of the Medicine Buddha. The Seven Medicine Buddha Plaque, the Bejeweled Medicine Buddha or the Eight Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque are particularly powerful which is needed with the illness star being center and the earth sector gives it strength. You can bring in various medicines and herbs blessed by the healing Buddha as a way to dispel the vibrations of sickness and display the Medicine Buddha’s image in the center of your home somewhere.

The Hostile #3 – 2016 It is entering the NorthWest

Hostile 3 - 2016- NWMisunderstandings that may escalate quickly and a number of legal problems may be a problem in 2016 due to the star #3 entering the Northwest. It is the patriarch’s chi energy that is symbolized in this sector so the husband or father is likely to be more impatient, bad tempered and quick to anger. He may get himself into arguments that could have repercussions that are serious. Loves ones and friends will find themselves quarreling due to the number 3’s energy. Potential dire consequences are court litigation that could go on for years.

The annual Feng Shui chart of 2016 shows the number 3 star as being the most irritating that year. If you are afflicted, meaning you have a bedroom in the Northwest or you were born in the year of the Pig or Dog, you are going to have to deal with some problematic consequences. Excessive disturbance, movement or loud sound would activate the #3 star and make the results worse. Since it poses the most danger to the male of the house, be sure to take steps to keep it under control throughout the year.

The #7 Robbery Star – 2016 in the North Sector


Robbery Star 7 - 2016 - NA serious Feng Shui affliction comes in the form of the #7 robbery star entering the North sector in 2016. With comes potential bloodshed and violence too and those living in the North of their home or in a house facing North may suffer betrayal, being cheated on, the loss of something or someone and possible danger to themselves.

If this is you it needs to be suppressed with Feng Shui remedies. Those who are Rat born or the middle son in a household should be particularly careful. In the North either side each door place a pair of Blue Rhinoceros or you could also use an Anti-Burglary Plaque or the Anti-Burglary Totem. To protect yourself from having a pocket picked or bag stolen carry with you The Eight Petal Lotus Mirror of Manjushri or the Anti-Burglary Keychain, particularly if you are personally afflicted like you have bedrooms in the North or your house faces North.

The Lucky Feng Shui Stars 2016 Overview

Moving on the more auspicious star there are some that will receive the blessing of beneficial luck in 2016 from certain stars. Bedrooms, living rooms, entrances, bagua faces or animal palaces located in the directions below should increase their luck to maximize the blessing. Here are the auspicious stars and the sectors they bless with tips on how to use Feng Shui to get the best luck possible.

Flying star #8 – Wealth Star 2016 in the SouthWest

Wealth Star 8 - 2016 - SWFor mothers, older women, people with houses that sit or face Southwest or those born in the year of the Monkey or Sheep the auspicious #8 star entering the Southwest is going to bring a lot of benefits. This powerful star will bring money luck as well as renewed prosperity. Rooms in the Southwest part of the home will also get benefit from the star with big happy occasions coming like a wedding, the birth of a new baby, or a birthday celebration for an elder in the family who is much respected. Some may have a very auspicious year and have more than one of those things occur. If you want to renovate your home in 2016 start in the southwest to ensure the process goes with no hindrance.

The Heaven star 6 – 2016 Located in the South

Heaven Star 6 - 2016 - SouthThe divine star # 6 will bring lots of benefits to those living in a house facing south and this fortune will get stronger as we go deeper into the 8 period. Unexpected windfall luck is also something the auspicious heavenly star brings. If you have investments at high risk or gamble your rooms will gain benefit in the south of your house. If your main doors on your home face south or are on the south side this also attracts prosperity luck from the #6 star. You will also gain cosmic support for any projects or endeavors you may be planning to undertake that year. You can also gain more authority and power. If you are Horse born, or a middle daughter be very happy as South is yours.

The Victory Star #1 – 2016 Enters the SouthEast

Victory Star 1 - 2016 - South EastThose who live in houses that face Southeast or sit Southeast have a great chance at victory and winning in 2016 as the #1 white star enter the southeast sector. This is a wood sector which means it will benefit from the number one’s water chi. This Feng Shui element connection is beneficial as it will enhance not just southeast houses but also any one Snake born, Dragon born and first daughters. If you have rooms in the Southeast of the home or you have main doors there or facing southeast this also brings the star’s victory. With this star working for you, you will have good luck and success and have victory over any competitors.

The Romantic and Scholastic Star #4 – 2016 In the West

Romantic scholastic star 4 - 2016 - westPeople living in West facing homes or West sitting homes have had a difficult past year. But now they can look forward to a loving energy from the #4 romantic and scholastic star in the west. This star brings peach blossom luck so anyone living in rooms located in the West will be enjoying a lot of luck in love. For those who are eligible romance could blossom and marriage may come along. The youngest daughter is who benefits from the West the most as well as those born as Roosters. Youngest daughters who are single, looking for love and reside in rooms in the west may have a great year in 2016.

The Multiplying Star of Future Prosperity #9 – 2016 Found in the East

Multiplying star of future prosperity 9 - 2016 - eastCompletion luck from the #9 Multiplying star in the east is coming in 2016. Residents living in the east   rooms or who have houses facing east can benefit from future prosperity and completion. The fire element of the star exhausts the wood element of the east but there are still benefits to come long term. The Rabbit born in particular draw recognition luck and future prosperity as well as first born sons.


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  1. I’m moving into a new ground-level apartment this weekend. The front door is in the northeast corner. So I have one month to make all the necessary changes. There is a small outdoor patio, too, w/patio door due North & this patio is surrounded by hedges. In Living Room NE corner there are windows & I will keep the windows shut. And keep tv out of that corner. But can I place a couch there? The front door is light blue. It opens to a wall in a tiny foyer, with windows on the left. I was going to place a black entry table, with aquarium with black fish, a plant, lamp on table. I can place a square silver mirror on the wall the door opens to. Turn right, and you’re in the living room. What else can I do? I’m a Kua number 3, weak fire Dog, and my son is Monkey, born in January 30, 2005. Afar color placemat do I use? Do I post a sign saying “Quiet Entry”? Thank you and Many Blessings.

  2. Hi Me again. My bathroom is in the SW and I’m the matriarch of my 2-person family. I’m using red towels & gorgeous red colorful shower curtain. I’m buying a Tsu Su Plaque for the wall. And I read water vases would be nice. There’s a sliding door that opens to a countertop area, and the toilet room with nice big tiled shower is next room with a door to it. I like the separation of the toilet from the rest of the apartment. It’s the only bathroom. What else can I do to counter the toilet being in this position? The apartment I’m moving away from, has a huge lake & lots of windows to the West. The Sha energy was too intense. I am hoping the new place will be more peaceful with FS planning. The West in the new place is next to the dining room/Kitchen (NW) with full wall storage separating SW bathroom from West open space. I’m turning the West area into a kids study area. But again, my concern is that SW corner. Thank you again.

  3. So, in summary we are moving into a new place this weekend. The front door is in the NE corner!, walk right (past the tv I presume) tturn left in Center, down a very short hall. Bathroom is SW! on the right through a sliding door I will keep closed. Facing South, are curtains (taking grey shutter doors off & getting bright red curtains) in front of the washing machine & dryer! (On other side of wall is a master closet in bedroom) Standing in hall facing S, Go left, enter the EAST/SOUTHEAST bedroom and part office. Door opens into Eastern section. So new bunk bed (purchasing wooden) can be SE wall (to the right) or E wall (straight ahead). With a bunk bed, my head can sleep E. I’m 4/1970 Dog. My son Monkey 1/2005 head can sleep West. So – I can put the small desk in SE corner facing E as there are windows (nice view of trees) or turn the desk facing North, OR desk along Eastern wall facing North – then the bedroom door would then open to desk not bed. My concerns are – front door NE, bathroom SW, Washer/Dryer S, bed in E or SE. Thank you! Many blessings.

  4. Hi Angie,

    NE has the #6 Heavenly Star in 2015 but come 2016 (Feb 4th), it will change to the dreaded #5 Misfortune Star so your concern is valid. Keep this area as quiet as possible throughout the year. It’s ok to have sofa here but do not play your TV or radio in this sector. Digging, renovation and banging are all big taboos in the NE sector in 2016. You must definitely place a cure such as a five element pagoda to suppress the Five Yellow and carry a protective amulet. I always like to get my Feng Shui products from They have a wide range of products with reasonable price, good customer service and fast shipping.

    The SW governs the matriach’s luck (which is you) and love luck. It is not a good thing that the bathroom is located here. You can suppress the negative energy by hanging a windchime in the bathroom.

    As for the washer/dryer in the South sector, you do not have to worry too much about it.

    Based on you birthdate, your Kua is 3 – your auspicious directions are: Sheng Chi (South), Tien Yi (North), Nien Yen (SE), Fu Wei (East)
    Your Son’s Kua is 5 – Sheng Chi (NE), Tien Yi (West), Nien Yen (NW), Fu Wei (SW)
    It’s best to sleep in the sector and with your head pointing to one of your auspicious directions based on your kua number. You can sleep with your head pointing to E or SE, depending on your aspiration, because both of them are lucky for you. East governs your growth potential and SE governs your Love/marriage luck. Sheng Chi affects positively on your money making and success luck.

    As for your son, let him sleep facing West will help his well-being as it’s the direction of “Heavenly Doctor”. If possible let him sit facing the SW when studying which is his Fu Wei direction – ideal for school-going students.

    One last thing, the #2 Illness star dominates the chart next year so make sure that is taken care of as well with the correct Feng Shui remedy such as a Wu Lou or Medicine Buddha amulet in the center of your home.

    Hope the above answer your questions. All the best!

  5. Hi Admin!
    My Qua number is 9 and my home is sitting on West and Front door East. My bedroom is in the North facing south and downstairs of my room is my home office which is also on North. Should I move bedroom and home office since the number 7 is in North? I can do some curing but since I am the breadwinner of the family I am not comfortable. I did put some blue curtain and salt cure already, what would you recommend?

  6. Prevention is better than cure. If you can move out of the room, please do so. If not, please make sure your bed or workdesk is not located in the North sector of your bedroom or office, or any of the negatively afflicted sectors i.e. Center, NW, SW and NE. Cures for the #7 include the Anti Burglary plaque or the Blue Rhino and Elephant. You can get more suggestions from here

  7. hi! our house is facing southeast3 and sitting northwest, with backdoor at southwest. im concerned with northwest part because theres a picture of a waterfall with mountains behind and also the kitchen is located here. any advise? thanks!

  8. hi!
    my kua number is 4. im having a problem relocating my stove since it is currently at nw. should i place it at ne which has a window thats always closed? or at the west where its outside the house.. pls help me

  9. Dear Admin,
    I live in a house with the front door entering towards the W/NW. My primary space is one bedroom. The door opens towards the NE. I often sit up on my bed to work on my laptop with my beck to the North West, facing South East – I have to sit in this direction otherwise I face NW. I make sure to sleep with my head pointing SE.
    When I face SE my back is to a window w/a head height solid wooden backrest to the bed frame.
    Please, are there and cures in terms of natural elements, colours and tectures or shapes that I could use to protect myself from the influences of the NW energy?
    Also, I am Qua number 3, Earth Horse … How to positively enhance the South West and West please, as I am aware they normally are not favourable directions for Qua 3 people.
    I am attempting to find work after a number of life changes at the same time as heal emotionally mentally and spiritually.
    Thank you in advance for any insight you might have to share on this subject please.

  10. To the west of my space I have a black nightstand where I keep books, to the N/NE is a wardrobe. I have removed the lamp from both of these side, keeping only a floor lamp in the E/SE corner to try not to provoke any negative energetic influences.
    Downstairs there is a sitting room towards the SE of the house which is also available to use. The bay windows look towards the South East. I will try to spend more time there, but other members of the house hold disturb me, so it is important for me to remedy my own living quarter as I mostly keep to that space.

  11. One more question if I may; what should the colour of my linens be as they are the centre colour of the room? I read many years ago that yellow is for the central space, however yellow tends to make me feel sickly in furnishings. For Qua 3 also dark brown and dark green is supposed to be appropriate. However is would be nice to have more vibrant colour of fusia, but I do not wish to upset the SW/W/NW/N/Ne for reasons regarding Qua 3 and inauspicious Flying Stars for 2016 please. Thank you …

  12. Hi,
    I am trying to decorate my new place following the 2016 flying star. Can I place a red sofa in the southwest? Which are the best colours to use in this direction.


  13. “Trying to Understand”.

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to understand if I am reading the flying stars chart accurately. I have super imposed the North/South/East/West Diagram from Google Maps over my home. My home faces East and sits West. My husband and I thought we understood that the #8 is sitting in our family room which is the Southwest sector of the home. We actually moved our sleeping quarters there to hopefully keep the idea of possible positive benefits #8 has. However, I have read in 2 online passages that it indirectly states that the “Southwest” sector of the house is will not have good luck this year.

    Any input on this?

  14. I ask because we’ve experienced so many financial hassles at our business since we’ve stayed in this room.

  15. Hi,I’m just learning about this now. I moved into a new lower level apartment which allows me to walk out into a beautiful large spacious patio where I can see the sun rising early in the morning. The entire front room has beautiful light and there is a very nice window facing a butterfly bush in the South Side. From my bedroom/office/livingroom studio area, I have a little tiny window which also faces the butterfly bush in the South area. In the NW area, both areas in each room are built for storage. One room has a closet which I DID do some construction in in January to be able to fit all my clothes. The closet has a light which now remains turned off unless needed and the door remains SHUT. Same with the storage closet in the other room. I was using a curtain. I now use overlapping doors, so it’s shut TWICE.

    The bathroom in the front room is adjacent to the FRONT DOOR and coming right off of the living room area. I keep the light off. The window facing north has a protection sign. There is a laughing buddha facing the bathroom door (located in the South side of the tiny room).

    The shower is located in the northeast and the commode (kept closed) is in the North. A sink occupys the Northeast.

    What can I do in this bathroom to suppress, or cleanse and consecrate this NE area, and what can I do in the living room (directly outside of this room), please.

    I was born in the year of the boar (pig) and this year began with my sisters death, jan 1st. I’d just moved from my home of 17 years into a tiny, itsy bitsy place which is forcing me to clean, clear, keep everything neat and organized, I see the blessings. I just want to fix what’s not working. Thank you

  16. Hi,
    i m going to move into a new house in July. I m looking at 21/7/16, may i know what does the conflict direction means? It is South on that day. If my new house is facing south, main door is located on the South East..master bedroom occupies the South n Southwest and my kitchen is located on the NorthEast.. No clashing of all zodiac signs in my husband, my daugthers, my mum n myself bazi.. Will it b a suitable day for us to move in during 7-11am? My husband Kua is 9
    My kitchen is at the Yellow 5, will it affect us?

    Thank u in advance

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