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Also known as Xuan Kong, the Flying Stars School of feng shui is a traditional form of feng shui and is based on four main areas; The Five Elements Interaction, the Dynamic of the Lo Shu Square, the Principle of Yin Yang and the Energies of Eight Areas, Directions and Trigrams. How it differs from other classical forms of feng shui is that it factors in the time it takes to create a present energies chart.

A present energies chart shows the movement of negative and positive energies in a specified space and can be done hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annually. It uses an old divination tool called the Lo Shu Square which look s at the pattern of numbers as a way to look at the movement of the feng shui stars. Those nine stars are the nine numbers on the Lo Shu Square and each one is linked to different energies. These are expressed in Feng shui direction, feng shui elements, luck and color and how they impact on a person’s life and even more specifically certain parts of the body.

The feng shui from the Flying Stars School divides time into 9 periods of 20 years each. This gives a total of 180 years in one complete cycle. Right now we are in period 8 which started in 2004 and will end in 2023. The element most predominate is the earth and there are five auspicious numbers and 4 inauspicious numbers in this period. Auspicious numbers are 1, 4, 6, 8 and 9, and then the inauspicious are 2, 3, 5 and 7.

Understanding the Flying Stars school of feng shui is not easy, it is complex and takes years to master. However even those who are not masters can still apply its wisdom to their lives. There are yearly updates so that you can make sure you are correctly balancing the feng shui in your home and life. They can help you deal with or prepare for both the positive and negative energies that are to come.


Using the Feng Shui yearly updates for 2015

2015’s chart starts in February on the fourth and if you want to try and maximize your good fortune for that year you need to prepare. First of all you should disarm all the negative stars and the positive stars need to be heightened. The stars in each forecast will affect if your home entrance faces the corresponding direction, if the home entrance is positioned in that sector or if your sleeping area is in that sector, if the star appears in your animal palace or if the star appears in the sector that represents a certain family member (the Feng Shui Bagua theory).

flying star 2015 chart

How to subdue the negative stars

First of all you need to work out which stars are the ones that will cause negative events and then use symbolic cures and elemental cures to take care of them. Remember this period those negative stars are 2, 3, 5 and 7. Here is how to deal with each of them.

The Illness Star 2The Illness Star 2  – This star brings poor health and can be found in the SouthEast location in 2015. Those affected are the Dragon and the Snake, those who reside in SouthEast facing houses or have SouthEast bedrooms and the First Daughter. It can be contained with the correct placement of the 8Sugata Medicine Budhas or the Longevity Knowledge Vase.  If you have a bedroom in the SouthEast place on your bedside the Golden Wu Lion with Sau. Not all is bad about this location though as it does also come with 2/7 HOTU special meaning a lot of luck in Big Money. To ensure you get this good fortune make sure you put the 2/7 HOTU Mirror on display in the SouthEast corner of the house.


The Hostile 3The Hostile 3 – Positioned in the center this star brings quarrelsome energies, with potential litigation, misunderstandings with those in charge, quarrels and so on. It could affect the whole household and needs to be subdued with the Double Pyramid Red Goddess Mirror and the 9 Amulet Cure. Members of the household should carry with them a Peace and Harmony Amulet for the entire year.

The Five YellowThe Five Yellow – In 2015 this star lies in the West affecting the Rooster, the Youngest daughter and those with bedrooms in the West or with West facing homes. It brings with it loss of money and physical danger and a run of bad luck. It can be countered with the Bejeweled Kalachakra Stupa or the 5 element Om Ah Hum Singing Bell with Tree of Life. Carry them on a key chain with you for the year if you could be affected.

Robbery-Star-7The Robbery Star 7 – This comes into position in the South and brings potential violence linked to burglary. It affects the Middle Daughter, the Horse and those with homes facing South or with back entrances facing South. You can counter it with the Five Element Yin Water Cure and the Anti-Burglary Plaque being put on display and those with doors either front or back that face South should wear and anti-burglary scarf or amulet.

Heightening the good stars

To make sure you get the most out of 2015 there are some things you can so to bring out the most of the auspicious stars. Here is what to do with stars 1, 4, 6, 8 and 9.

Victory-Star-1The Victory Star 1 – In 2015 this star comes to the East which means the First son, the Rabbit and those with bedrooms in the East or East facing homes can benefit. The star is not at full strength as it is weakened by the Wood energy so you can improve it with the image of General Chao Chao, or Lord Kubera on horseback positioned in the Southwest. Scholastic luck will be enhanced with the 1/6 HOTU combination. Children in an East bedroom can benefit in their school work by carrying the 1/6 Ho Tu Mirror or putting it on display in their bedroom in the East corner.

Romantic-Scholastic-Star-4The Romantic and Scholastic Star 4 – In 2015 this star comes to a NorthWest position bringing with it possible happiness and bliss. The Man of the house will benefit as will the Boar and the Dog. If you are looking for a life partner or need to strengthen your marriage you can activate the NorthWest with either the Mandarin Ducks on Aventurine Leaf or the Double Happiness Lovebirds. There are also chances for academic success so if you are a student be sure to have over the Dragon Gate the Carp Jumping.

Heaven Star 6The Heaven Star 6 – Positioned in the NorthEast for 2015 this star brings divine luck and strong mentors will support you. Those born in the year of the Tiger and the Ox and the Youngest Son will directly benefit. The Earth energy boosts the strength of the star and people with NorthEast bedrooms or NorthEast facing homes can also benefit. To enhance it even more display the image of the Jade Emperor either holding the Amitabha Buddha Windchime or the Sun and Moon Windchime. The Ox, Tiger and youngest sons should also carry with them the Heaven Luck Activator.

Wealth Star 8The Wealth Star 8 – This star flies to the North position and brings good luck for prosperity. The middle son and the Rat in particular should enjoy good wealth making opportunities as should those living in houses facing North and those with bedrooms in the North. However the star’s strength can be greatly improved with the Vairocana Stupa and the 8 Immortals on a Mountain. Business luck also come with it because of the 4/9 HOTU special. If you have a NorthWest facing home or bedroom put up the 4/9 Ho Tu Mirror in the NorthWest to magnetize that business luck.

Multiplying-Star-of-Future-Prosperity-9The Multiplying Star of Future Prosperity 9 – This star flies into the SouthWest in 2015 and will benefit the head female of the house as well as the Monkey and the Sheep. This star attracts to it future luck and prosperity but its strength is only average so strengthen it with the Nine Ring Dragon Sword and the King Gresar Plaque.

If you want to learn more about the Flying Stars School of Feng Shui or get a detailed forecast based on it look for Jennifer Too and Lillian Too in Fortune and Feng Shui Astrology books to get more detailed analysis or explanations.


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