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If you are ready to stop and take a look around you what kinds of things have you surrounded yourself with? Not just the things you have collected over the years, the knickknacks and mementos, the furniture but also who do you have around you, family, friends, colleagues? What you have around you makes a big impact on you, your health, fortune and life. Therefore it is important to make sure these things and people are having a positive effect not a negative one. There is an energy flow that moves though your surroundings and flows to you, this is the art of Feng Shui. There are five elements that interact with you, water, metal, fire, earth and metal. When all are balanced there will be happiness and harmony in your life.

To achieve that balance there are several Feng Shui suggestions and items to follow such as flowers, fountains, wind chimes, bells, trees, crystals, plants and mirrors. Each product has a unique quality that it can offer you that is special compared to other astrological items. They are easily affordable and are not tacky being made from valuable and attractive materials like ivory, jade, bronze and brass. Using these priceless feng shui products you can better achieve balance and bring to yourself better luck and a better fate.

fengshui goods

Feng Shui Products

Here is a look at the some positive energies you might want to be achieving and what products can achieve this for you.

Feng shui products

Romance and Love

Usually products for bringing in love come in pairs. So whichever one of the following products you opt for make sure there are two identical or at least similar objects. Popular Feng Shui charms for romantic relationships include mandarin ducks, Koi carps, rose quartz, orange trees, happy couple pictures and mystic knots. They should be placed either in a Feng Shui love corner or in the bedroom in the southwest area.

feng shui products for romance

  1. Rose Quartz – There are several types of quartz and Rose Quartz is one of the more popular types because of its strength in drawing in luck in love. In Feng Shui it is in fact known as the ‘Love Stone’ as it has benefits to offer all aspects of love from finding a partner to enhancing an existing relationship. This can help with problems that might come up in a marriage or add some romance into your life. It is also a great foundation for love for yourself as well.
    Rose Quartz
  2. Mandarin Ducks – One of the stronger Feng Shui symbols of a good marriage full of romance, affection, love and devotion are the Mandarin Ducks. The ducks mate for life and if they lose their mate they remain alone for the rest of their lives. Therefore understandably in Feng Shui they symbolize the idea of soul mates and the powerful love that can occur between wedded couples. Having a pair of Mandarin Ducks can help you find your soul mate or keep an existing marriage stable and full of love.
    Feng shui mandarin ducks
  3. Mystic Knots – This knot has been used for hundreds of years as a symbol of love and infinity. Its shape is a figure of eight where there is no end and is thought to be the symbol of eternal love and married happiness by Buddhists. It is also a potent symbol in Chinese mythology and in Feng Shui is the manifestation of everything to do with love, being together, eternity and loyalty.
    Feng Shui Mystic Knots

Prosperity and Wealth

There are several products that can be placed for boosting wealth and prosperity in terms of Feng Shui. They include Gold ingots, Money Trees, Wealth Gods, Ru Yi the magic scepter, Three Legged Money Toads and Money Frogs. Often items are gold colored or you can get Chinese coins. There are several wealth gods to select from such as military, strict, civil and laughing. You should choose the god that fits best with your personality. Whichever item you choose they should be placed in the wealth corner which is in the southeast.


feng shui products for wealth

  1. Gold Ingots – Back in ancient China the gold ingots or Yuen Bao was the money that government officials and emperors used. So now in Feng Shui terms they are a strong symbol for long lasting wealth and can often be found in wealth vases and wealth ships where they will attract money to the home.
    fengshui gold ingots
  2. Three Legged Money Toads – The Three Legged Frog also known as the Chan Chu is a very prominent Feng Shui symbol for prosperity and wealth luck. This auspicious animal has been used for thousands of years and is thought that when the moon is full it will come to some homes to tell them whether there was going to be good fortune in their future. Today many Asian homes have the Money Toad in pictures or figurines around the home hoping to attract good tidings of wealth and prosperity.
    Three legged money toad
  3. chai sen yehWealth God – Also called Chai Sen Yeh this icon is mean to enhance the flow of wealth and fortunes to Chinese homes. During the lunar New Year there are several festivals that honor him and his place in the home. The Chinese will worship the God of Wealth hoping to gain his blessings for material gains, wealth luck and good fortune.

Success and Luck

Any amulet or charm can bring luck and success to a person when placed in the right zone in the home boosting whatever your choice is, health, love, money, children or creativity for example. But as well as being specific charms for certain areas there are also charms that just boost overall success and luck. These include the Chinese dragons which are magical creatures thought to protect the home and bring luck with them, the Chi Lin which is an animal like a unicorn that offers protection and luck and then Kuan Kung a commander in the military said to also protect the home as well as bring luck.

feng shui products for success

  1. Kuan Kung (also called Kuan Ti) – The Chinese god of war is said to defend the oppressed and fight to protect those who are being taken advantage of. He is also seen as a Chinese god of wealth and is believed to bring prosperity and wealth to the home he is kept in. Leaders, politicians and company owners also see him as their guardian. Anyone with a leadership role should have him somewhere in their work place or on the desk where he can protect you from bad forces and offer guidance.
    kuan kung
  2. chi linThe Chi Lin is a Chinese mythical creature who has a Horse’s body, a Dragon’s head and a Carp Fish scales. It is also referred to has the Chinese Unicorn or the Dragon Horse. With the Chi Lin a person can bring protective energies, prosperity and good health. The Chi Lin is also going to give your home protection from evil spirits. Compared to other Feng Shui guardians the Chi Lin has a royal status that is higher than theirs.
  3. The Laughing Buddha – this symbolizes the happy man and will bring to the house success, financial gain and wealth. How you place the Laughing Buddha is important. He should be facing the right direction so that as energy comes into your home it is met by the Laughing Buddha. Place it on a table that faces the front door.
    laughing buddha

Career and Business

feng shui products for career

  1. Greedy Dragon of Ambition – This is one of the better talismans for businesses as it is meant to bring in luck for business dealings and give you an edge over competitors. It should be places north in the career zone.
  2. Citrine – This is a healing quartz that is thought to be very powerful and varies in what areas it helps with depending on its color. It is meant to bring in luck for business and work. Brown citrine is a good stone for grounding, orange is a good one for balance and yellow is good fir healing around the energies of the solar plexus.

Serenity and Health

Salt water cures are the most powerful products for improving health as they will capture any negative energies in your home. You can get better peace of mind and health by having wind chimes, fountains and crystal singing bowls. They should be placed in the health corner in the east of the home.

  1. Medicine Buddha Mirror – This object can bring a person both mental and physical well being. If you or someone in the house becomes ill, or suffers an emotional trauma, it will help if a Medicine Buddha charms is kept by them on their person. The Medicine Buddha will bring serenity and peace to the mind and prevent ill energies from affecting you.
    medicine buddha mirror

Other ways to the make the most of your environment using Feng Shui products might mean using items for fame and good reputation in the south, gaining knowledge and self-cultivation in the northeast, creativity and children in the west and travel and helpers in the northwest. Look at what you have in your life and decide what needs boosting then place a charm you are drawn to in that zone. Soon you will find that part of your life sees a great deal of improvement.




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