Feng Shui May 2017


Feng Shui Forecast for May 2017

On the Monthly Flying Star chart in each of the nine grids there are two numbers. The monthly star is represented by the smaller number and the yearly flying star is represented by the bigger number. Each sector or grid’s good and bad luck forecast is applicable to all of those in the place of work or family as long as the door to enter the office or house is facing the right direction or in the right sector. So if your main door to the property faces North or is in the North sector then everyone who lives there or works there will get the luck the North sector indicates for that whole month.

It is important then to take heed of the main door’s flying stars location and what direction the home or office faces. Of course that does not mean other places in the house are not important like the bedroom and the living room. Anywhere in the home or office that you spend a lot of time in each day are also important. Energy brought in by the flying stars of such places will have an impact when they are frequently used.

The star that visits the home location of your horoscope sign will also have an impact on you. Finding each horoscope sign’s home location can easily be found with some research. You will see the Monkey for example is affected by Southwest stars, and the Rat is affected by North sector stars. When you know the place of the stars ahead of time you can do what is needed to get the best out of the month possible.

Remember too that while the misfortune star’s annual cure most remain where it has been put at the start of the year for it to continue to work, monthly Feng Shui cures can actually be moved each month. So for example if you want to use a cure against the misfortune star #5 that is moving from one sector to another each month you can move your cure placements with it. Check out the Flying star chart for the entire year of 2017.


North – Those who live and work in this sector have a good month coming due to the extremely auspicious coming together of two luck stars. Such a pairing will draw in power, luck in authority, status, fame and recognition. Actors, politicians, officials in high ranking jobs and such will benefit a lot from this as career luck is given a boost and chances for making more wealth are plentiful.
Southwest – Health issues are a problem in this sector as the inauspicious #2 Illness star comes and brings with issues linked to the ears, waist and kidneys. Move from the room if you already have conditions or diseases related to these areas.
East – Discord, arguments and misunderstandings come with the #3 Hostile flying star. Take care with what you say and do as it could lead to legal problems.
Southeast – Students will find this a good month and have successful achievements in their studies and get good grades. Those who are single will also find this month brings a change in their love lives that is fulfilling and promising. To make the most of this good month for those living in this sector put a Yellow Crystal Point or Blue Crystal Feng Shui Globe along with Sacred Increasing Mantras.

  Center – Here the Misfortune Star #5 brings ill health and misfortune. Those living in this sector are likely to have bad luck and misfortune to the best move would be to vacate that room. This misfortune can also affect your wealth, this is not a good month to make investments into high risk ventures and you may have problems with your cash flow.
Northwest – For people living or working in this sector in the office or home there is going to be great career and money luck coming your way. There will be luck in gaining recognition for your efforts and promotions will come to those who tap into this lucky sector.
West – Those who live or work in this sector are going to be impacted by the robbery star #7 and its negative energies. There could be danger, violence and even bloodshed so make sure you avoid getting yourself into fights, pay attention to your surroundings, look after your belongings and avoid walking at night on your own. You need to take steps to quieten the sector and suppress those energies with a Feng Shui Red Ball.

Feng shui red ball

Northeast – The flying star #8 enters this sector and will bring prosperity, wealth luck, success in your career and financial success too.
South – This is a very inauspicious month for this sector. There will be stress, exhaustion and unhappiness due to sickness, financial loss and bad luck. Avoid this location in your home or office and never leave stoves unattended or candles burning without you around as there is a great risk of fire. Put a Five Element Pagoda (6 inches) as a cure in this sector, or a 7 inch Sun and Moon Five Element Pagoda.

Sun and Moon Five Element Pagoda6 inch pagoda





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