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Feng shui has been practiced first by the Chinese for many years and is now popular in the Western world too. Feng Shui home design is about bringing balance and harmony to each room as you decorate and furnish it. It recognizes that when a person enters a room it has an impact on them based not just on what they see but also how it makes them feel. With focus and thought a person can ensure that each room of the house is changed into somewhere that has a positive effect on the people that use them. The mood you create will depend on how you use color, where you put the furniture and the style you use as well as how you use accessories and furnishings.

Home & Chi

The Chi is the energy of a room and getting the right flow of Chi is crucial to Feng Shui home design. There are five elements that a Feng Shui practitioner thinks about in order to create balance as well as ying and yang. These are metal, fire, wood, water and earth. If this is an area you are interested in learning more about there are several books you can read that are aimed at using Feng Shui around the home and office and other internet sites. This article offers some practical tips to think about including the significance of color and some basic approaches you can take so that your home is a sanctuary for you that also encourage positive things like wealth, happiness and love!

Feng shui home

Buying a house and the outside

If you are on the market for a new home and Feng Shui is important to you there are a few things to think about before buying. While all houses have their issues and you can deal with some Feng Shui problems with wind chimes, mirrors, fountains and crystals, there are things to look at. Where the stairs are, the position of doors, the flow of the rooms as well as outside things like whether you are too close to a hospital, cemetery, police or fire station. You also want the land in front of the house to bring the good energy in so you do not want large trees blocking the front of the house and plant life needs to be healthy. Make sure the address can be seen clearly from the street. Take into account why the house is on the market; if the current owners are moving on to better things or making positive changes then there will be positive energy in the house, if it is a more negative reason that can impact the house too.

feng shui home outside


Each color means something different so your choice should be not just about the style and theme but also about what kind of energy you want to encourage in each room. Red represents happiness, yellow represents authority, green represents longevity, blue represents heavenly blessings, and white represents purity. Try to ensure colors are not overly harsh and make sure they compliment each other so that there is little contrast in a room. Also make the most of natural lighting.

The 5 elements and the Bagua chart

feng shui bagua chart

Using the Bagua chart you can work out which room in your house matches with each of the nine aspects on the chart. Those nine aspects are:

  1. Health
  2. Relationships and Love
  3. Wealth and prosperity
  4. Respect, fame and recognition
  5. Skills, knowledge and learning
  6. Children and creativity
  7. Family
  8. Helpful people and travel
  9. Business, career and life path

As you stand at your front door looking into the house there should be a central element and then surrounding that area are the different rooms that take on each aspect. For example your study may be where Business, career and life path is focused on, a hobby or play room may be where Children and creativity is and so on. Then in each room there should be a harmonious correspondence with the five elements water, fire, metal, wood, and earth. You do not want one element to overpower the others. One way to achieve this is if we take the living room for example you can represent the fire element with a fireplace or with candles, water could be a small table top water fountain or a fish tank, wood could be in the furniture or photo frames, earth could be a plant pot or two or earth colored accessories, and metal could be in a lighting fixture or silver ornaments.

Lets look at how we can bring Feng Shui home design into the different rooms around your house

The bedroom – Your main bedroom should be as far away from the front door as is possible for better security energy. In the room make sure the bed is positioned so that the foot of the bed is not facing the door (as this was how the dead were laid and carried from the room) and have part of it touching a wall to add to your stability. Keep the room in tranquil colors that encourage relaxation, nothing too vibrant. It is a place for rest and romance so create a love corner too perhaps with something red to promote love. Try to have furniture with rounded edges and keep the lighting in the room on a lower wattage bulb than the rest of the house.


feng shui bedroom design

The family or living room – This is considered the heart of the home, a place where people draw together and as such should be made to be cheerful and comfortable. Use some soft fabrics and avoid cluttering it too much with accessories or furniture so that there is a natural flow in the room. To make it a place for conversation and bonding arrange seating in a semi circular shape, has family photos displayed and has plants and artwork as accessories. This may be where you want to create something like a bamboo fountain which brings together two elements, water for abundance and prosperity and bamboo represents friendship and long life. Avoid placing furniture in front of any windows.

living room feng shui design

The dining room – Ideally your dining room should be placed close to the kitchen in a corner of the house. Seating should be arranged so that everyone can converse easily; round, oval or octagonal tables work best. Make sure doors are not restricted by chairs and that there is plenty of space for family and guests to get in and out from the table. Natural light would be great but if not possible that is okay. With artificial lighting you want to use something like a chandelier with soft lighting. The color should be soft shades of yellows or green.

fengshui dining room

The Bathroom – Your bathroom should not be seen from the front door nor should it be close to the kitchen. Keep it well lit, uncluttered and well ventilated to get rid of any negative energy that might come. Add touches like aromatic oils, plants and soft mats.

fengshui bathroom design

The Kitchen – This is the room where you nourish your family and guests and symbolizes growth and prosperity. In the kitchen you need to have the stove set up so that when you are cooking at it you do not have your back to a door, in an island would be ideal so you can move easily around it. Your sink should not be next to the stove as that is causing disharmony with the elements of fire and water however if that is unavoidable use a mirror to help in the design. You need good ventilation around the stove and good lighting in the room. White is a good color for the kitchen promoting health and purity as are light blue or green. Balance the accessories so if you have a lot of stainless steel pots add some wooden furniture or plants etc.

Proper feng shui kitchen design

The Study – A place of productivity the most important thing here is to make sure the desk is placed in a commanding position facing the door. Place a money tree or bamboo in there to attract wealth.

study room feng shui design

The Entry – When people enter the house through the front door you want to create a welcoming space that draws their attention. Use bold colors like some fire and earth shades with some well displayed artwork. Adding a mirror that faces inside the house is a way to stop good energy being lost when people open the door to enter or leave.


Some general tips

  • Keep your house uncluttered so that the flow of energy is not interrupted.
  • Mirrors need to be placed carefully. Do not put them so that you can see it from a chair or bed.
  • Natural lighting is important.
  • Windows should look out onto a natural view where possible. If needed improve the energy by using window boxes or hanging plants.
  • When the weather allows it open them often to let out stale air and let in fresh air.
  • Do not have furniture placed so that people’s backs are to the door.
  • Try to place furniture so it backs on to a wall.


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