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Flying Star 2018

It is ever helpful to keep yourself on top of Feng Shui and to keep studying and learning about the 2018 Feng Shui Chart from Flying Star. This will help to show to you what Feng Shui afflictions you are going to be dealing with in your home and office space, and which will need to have Feng Shui cures used on them, remedies that will be essential for a better Feng Shui 2018. Here is a look at what is coming, what fortunes and misfortunes are to be dealt with or maximized. Lucky sectors of 2018 can be further boosted with luck enhancers places correctly using the annual chart for this year. This can see great good fortune coming your way as well as improving all your household’s luck.

By keeping yourself up to date on the Feng Shui Chart for 2018 you can protect yourself from good luck turning to bad and you can also protect yourself from becoming more vulnerable to negative energies that can hit on certain months, and stop those energies from spilling into what are meant to be good months. It is a sad fact that even good people have bad things happen to them, that is life, but with not too much extra effort you can guard against them, and perhaps mitigate them somewhat.

The Flying Stars Feng Shui Chart for 2018 should be regarded as a way to observe this year’s energy patterns. With correct and proper study a person can identify those sectors of a building that will be affected by negative energy numbers and that can be dealt with. Of course the lucky parts of where you work and live can also be worked out and given boosts. It is possible to overlay the chart on your home or office and see where negative and good luck will occur and put in place remedies and boosts.

South – The #4 Peach Blossom Star brings luck in studies and enhanced love

The last year saw the Southern sector dealing with the #5 misfortune star but in 2018 it sees the #4 Peach Blossom Star arrive and with it comes luck in your studies and in your love life. Number 4 star is sometimes also called the love star as it is seen to bring good fortune to singles and people looking for love. However by those who already have a partner as it is also linked to infidelity. If you are married and your bedroom is in the South sector of the home a way to block that is to place in it a Marriage Saver Amulet. If you are single though and you spend a lot of time in the South room you can be looking forward to better luck in relationships in 2018. If you are hoping for marriage or a bit of romance make sure you activate the star. In 2018 those that will be particularly affected by this star are middle daughters and those that are horse born. Enhance the luck with a Pair of Mandarin Ducks in the South sector and keep a Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain on you.

Peach Blossom Star Cures

If you are artistic, creative, or scholarly such as an artist, teacher, professor, author or designer for example you will see more luck coming your way in your work. You may also see advancement in your field. There may also be some traveling and students will do better in exams and have more luck with entry to universities or schools and such. If it is the academic luck you are looking for from this star carry the Aventurine Pagoda Amulet with you. In the room that is in the south place the 7 storey Feng Shui Pagoda.

Southwest – The #6 Heaven Star brings Blessings

The #6 Heaven star in 2018 comes into the Southwest sector and brings with it good luck, blessed leadership and more power, luck in mentoring and good luck assistance in all areas. If your home faces southwest, sits in the southwest or has a front door that is in the southwest of the home there will be some speculative good fortune. Those who will benefit most are those with bedrooms in the south west of the home, matriarchs and those born in the years of the monkey or sheep. People who do the lottery, like to gamble or bet on sports for example will also see some luck that should bring more windfalls and good fortune. To activate the star place Polaris Heavenly Star Enhancer in the southwest.

Heaven Star Cures

West – #2 Illness Star brings risk of danger and sickness

In 2018 the #2 Illness star is in the west sector so bedrooms or main rooms that are in that direction should have in them at all times a strong Feng Shui cure. You could also consider moving to a different bedroom for the year as well. If the house faces west place a Feng Shui cure in the front porch area or entrance and if possible pain the door white. Also make sure you dim the lights around that area. All people living in the home or working in the office can be affected by this inauspicious star if the main entrance is in that direction. Most at risk of harm or serious illnesses are the youngest daughter and those who are rooster born. In the west of the building places an image of the Goddess Kuan Yin.

Illness star cures

Northwest – #1 Victory Star brings in success

The #1 Victory Star brings with it success and beating the competition in both work and personal life and it is in the northwest in 2018. Those who live or work in the Northwest will reap benefits, including those with main entrances there, or bedrooms there, especially if you have a leadership role. It is the patriarch that will benefit as will those born in the years of the boar and dog. Displaying a Victory Banner is the best way to lock in the luck and on your person you should have a Victory Power Elephant Keychain.

Victory star cures

North – #5 Misfortune Yellow star bringing havoc and danger


The #5 Yellow Misfortune Star visits the north in 2018 and brings to that sector havoc, bad luck and possibly danger. For people with main doors, entrances and bedrooms in the North you are more likely to be affected the suffering the #5 can bring. Misfortune can include things like losses in business and also serious health issues like terminal illness. To suppress its effects and stop its spreading to other areas of the home you should use cures. If the desk, entrance or bedroom is in the north deal with it before the 4th February 2018. The misfortune will happen quickly and prevention is a far more preferred than having to cure. If the building faces to the north also put a cure on the front of it. This is not the time to dig or do demolition work in the North as any destructive work or noise like drilling can draw bad luck. The rat born and the middle son are more likely to be affected by this star. A good nullifier is the 5 element Pagoda.

Yellow star cures

Northeast – #3 Quarrelsome star brings a hostile energy

The #3 Quarrelsome star will bring hostility, quarrels, litigation and misunderstandings in 2018 in the northeast sector. When at its strongest influence this star can lead to violence even and have tragic consequences. Fire is a great cure for this star, have the color red in the northeast and have bright lights there for 2018. Also to subdue the negative energy of #3 place a Golden Trident of Guru Rinpoche in the NE of your main room or desk to stop smaller quarrels becoming aggressive and to help remove hostility and anger. Homes that face this direction or if the entrance or bedroom is there should use a Red Eagle there to also help prevent legal problems. There is no warning with this affliction, it can strike suddenly so having cures in place ahead of time is needed. People more vulnerable to these energies include the youngest son and those born under the Tiger and Ox. Keep the Red Eagle Keychain on you.

Quarrelsome star cure

East – #7 Burglary Star brings the threat of danger

The #7 Burglary star brings the potential of burglary yes but also violence and is especially a danger to the eldest son in 2018 in the East sector. With it comes aggressive behavior, political issues and it really brings out the worst in those who are affected by it. If your room is in the East move into another one for 2018. If the home faces or is placed in the East you are more vulnerable and if your living room or bedroom is there you are too. Use water to overcome this star and to protect against being robbed places the Anti-Burglary Plaque up as a shield. As well as the first son those born under the rabbit are more at risk. Avoid being too trusting and carry the Anti-Burglary Keychain with you. Also in your car you can hang a Sodalite Rhinoceros and Elephant Amulet.

Burglary Star cure

Southeast – #8 Wealth Star brings assistance

According to the Flying Stars Feng Shui Chart for 2018 the most auspicious sector will be the southeast as entering there is the #8 wealth star. There is also the Trigram Sun ruling the southeast with which comes the wind of prosperity. There will be things to look forward to such as a gathering of successful assets over time and being doubled in strength this star should be fully taken advantage of in 2018 and activated. Those especially affected by the strong wealth attracting energies will be those born under the snake and the dragon, first daughters and people who have homes in the southeast or homes that face that direction. You can also benefit if your main living room is in the southeast, or your bedroom or if your entrance is in the southeast. People who are prepared can have an abundance of success, happiness and wealth. To make the most of the #8 it needs to be filled with yang energy, merry making, light, and noise. The sound of joy and laughter, happy movement and activity can bring this star alive. To further enhance the luck the wealth star brings put up an 8 Wealth Trees in the south east.

Prosperity star cure

Center – #9 Star brings future good luck and prosperity

In the center in 2018 comes the #9 star of future prosperity and everyone can get benefits from this. The Flying Stars Feng Shui Chart for 2018 shows this is a great year for the brave and the creative and seeds for future wealth can be planted and your efforts will bring in the wealth. There is one issue to counter though, Earth could put out the fire of the #9 star. Therefore you should strengthen the fire element at the center of your home and your work premises. Lights should be lit, particularly if your dining room is in the center.

It is recommended to use multiples of 9 to enhance your good fortune and to bring the star’s energy. Put up an Exquisite Nine Dragons Wooden Ru Yi where you live, wear nine eyed Dzi beads in a bracelet, or nine charms on it. In your office you put 3 multiples of 3 gold coins and if there is a cash register place a wealth case next to it. Carry with you a 9 Ring Sword Keychain to enhance what the star can deliver. In the center of the buildings can also be placed a 9 Wealth Gods Sitting On A Ship, 9 Rings Dragon Sword in the Center and a 9Deity Invocation Plaque.

Prosperity star cure

Other Afflictions to consider for 2018

Northwest – The Grand Duke 2018 (Tai Sui)

The ‘God of the Year’ or the Tai Sui (translates to Grand Duke) changes location each year and in 2018 it moves to where the Dog is in the Northwest. If your bedroom is in that part of the house you actually do not want to face the Tai Sui, you should have it so it is at your back, supporting you. He will be the supporter too of those born in the year of the Dog which means he is in opposition to those born in the year of the Dragon. If you are a Dragon born this could mean a negative impact from this confrontation. This also goes to a lesser extent to the Sheep born and the Ox born. All of these signs need to be aware of placing in the northwest sector a Tai Sui plaque as a means of offering peace to him.

It is best to avoid appearing to be confrontational towards him to avoid things facing northwest 1 in 2018. Even if it is lucky in terms of those in the west it is still going to bring further misfortune, loss, and failure in business and personal life because of Tai Sui. Facing Tai Sui leads to obstacles, nothing goes as it should, there will be unexpected twists and turns, friends can suddenly become adversaries. Place in the northwest the celestial beautiful chimera Pi Yao. It is good at getting on the good side of the grand duke and can help bring better fortune to your home. On you carry the Tai Sui Amulet 2018 to bring to you his support.

North – The Three Killings

In the north in 2018 the negative phenomenon of the three killings will arrive bringing with them three kinds of bad luck. This is loss such as the loss of someone you love, the loss of money and wealth, and then the loss of your own good reputation. Obstacles will derail your plans and good luck will be reversed into bad. As it is in the north in 2018 this means the most affected is the middle son, or people living in rooms in the north. Keep windows and doors in the north closed in the afternoons to stop the three killings getting in. Cures you can use are the three celestial protectors, the Pi Yao, Chi Lin and the Fu Dog.


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