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Feng Shui Forecast 2018

Entering 2018 the Year of the Earth Dog – What Good Fortune is coming?

In 2018 there will be many opportunities for positive outcomes and good luck but success and how much advantage you take of it will depend on you and how creative you are in your approach. For improvements in love, personal matters, work, investments or living arrangements for example be patient and plan carefully, putting your resources where they are needed. Having a positive impact on the forecast for 2018 is the Lo Shu number 9 in the Center affecting the energy of your office, home and other buildings. Number 9 means Future Prosperity so if you start to take action now in 2018 you will see positive fruition. It is time to set down the groundwork for projects and think about both your long term and short term goals. With some hard work, some good fortune and patience you will see gradual but positive results.

Feng Shui 2018

Compared to the first half, the second half is even better especially for those who have taken in the advice above and have laid down great foundations. That number 9 in the Center has Fire energy but is drained with Earth energy interacts with it. Therefore you should put on a stand a Red Feng Shui Crystal ball or Feng Shui Fire Red Ball to give that fire energy a boost towards your achievements. Other ways you strengthen the number 9 star are to use the 9 Wealth Gods Sitting On A Ship, the 9 Rings Dragon Sword and carry with you a 9 Ring Sword Keychain.

Improving your success luck

If you are hoping 2018 will bring you a promotion or better luck in your career there are also things you can do to help with that and with things like profits and sales figures. A Bejeweled Red Windhorse, King Gesar Amulet Plaque can help. In the Northwest of the office or desk you can also display the Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat and have a light shining on it.

The Four Pillars of Destiny in 2018

The Paht Chee Chart for 2018 shows there is an imbalance of energy with there being too much Wood energy and not enough Metal, especially in the early quarter of 2018. In those first two months it is a good idea to avoid putting money into real estate or investments. Later in the year in August and September the Metal increases again which means a better chance then for the creation of wealth. To get the best luck you need to activate the Wealth luck so bring to your home and office Metal cures. Put out gold plated or metal good fortune symbols and wear on you silver or gold. In the Northwest of the building or desk place an overflowing Treasure Pot of gold coins.

There are other things you can do to increase wealth luck. With the Four Dakinis set you can invite the White Dzambhala or if you already have some wealth and want to build it up invite in the Lord of the Yakshas. On you carry an amulet for Wealth and Success. Since the Tiger is the ally of the Dog, and 2018 is the year of the Dog, put in the office or home the Wealth God Tsai Sheng Yeh Sitting on a Tiger which will blend signs and intensify the energy you bring in. You can also wear a wealth amulet like the King Gesar Mantra Ring.

The Pillars reveal too that there is going to be good communication between different generations. Young people will be more open to appreciating older people’s wisdom and values, there is more tolerance and more chances for domestic harmony in the year of the dog. The chart shows what the Chinese call having the head and having the tail. This means the year starts well and ends well too and because of the Wood element Authority luck is strong so common sense and lawfulness should prevail.

Appearing in the Four Pillar Chart is the very auspicious star the Commanding Star. To those who know how to activate it this could lead to potential great good fortune in 2018. It is especially geared towards people who are driven towards achievement and have ambitions. The larger the goal you are striving towards the more amazing the success as this star brings you recognition luck and good Wealth. Those in leadership should wear the Jade Kwan Kung Pendant to better benefit.

Also featured in the Feng Shui chart for 2018 is the External Flower of Romance Star. While this could be a good thing for those looking for love, it can have a negative impact on people in committed relationships or who are married. Over time as people lose the excitement of a new relationship and change interests so have less in common that is when the temptation to stray becomes stronger. Carry or wear the right Feng Shui cures to strengthen your relationship and avoid temptation.

Patriarchs benefit from luck

In 2018 patriarchs will benefit from the star number 1 luck in the northwest sector. It will bring you success with new developments, victory in new endeavors as you broaden your life into new ventures. You do though have to deal with the Tai Sui also in your location so you need to appease him. To stop bad luck from affecting you from this and to get Tai Sui’s support use a Pi Yao. It would also be a good idea for any patriarch or leader to display the Feng Shui Victory Banner or the Power Elephant with Warrior in the Northwest sector and to carry with them the Victory-Enhancing Talisman Keychain or a Victory Power Elephant with Magic Barrel Keychain.

Matriarchs benefit from luck

In 2018 matriarchs will benefit from the star number 6 which will bring to them heavenly help and blessings in the form of windfall luck and mentor luck. If attention is well focused anything you need in the year will come easily and you will get assistance from unexpected places. To activate and take full advantage place the Gui Ren Plaque or the Polaris Heavenly Star Enhancer in the southwest sector. On you carry something like the Gui Ren Talisman for Success Keychain or the Heavenly Star Keychain. In your car you can also hang 6 Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou.


Boosting your luck in general

It will be possible to strengthen the wealth luck in 2018 by using and wearing the color white and adding metallic accents and jewelery. Boosting white light will also improve your life force. Of course being the year of the dog, having auspicious dog figurines on display in your home and office will be a great way of bringing in lucky energies.

2018’s Astrology and Feng Shui forecast horoscope

The Rat in 2018

Rat 2018This year sees those born under the Rat facing several issues this year so take rest when you can so you are prepared. Go with the flow and make peace with everything that comes your way rather than trying to fight it. Wu Wang the number 5 star will bring challenges the Earth energy they blow strongly your way will send health problems, obstacles and various irritations. To protect yourself against the negativity use powerful amulets. Your life force and spirit essence are low as is your lung ta or Windhorse energy. This will mean your confidence will be low, your good luck will be low as will your inner strength. With the use of feng shui amulets to help minimize the impact of this negativity you just have to relax and go with it.

The Ox in 2018

Ox 2018The feng shui forecast for the Ox in 2018 is going to see some dramatic energies. All efforts you engage in will be supported by the cosmos in the form of your personal Windhorse bringing powerful lung ta energy. You will have positive success energy to help you stay ahead in business and other endeavors. You do need to be careful of office politics and betrayal though, the number 3 Quarrelsome star will bring with it antagonism at work, backbiting and jealousy issues. This is not just limited to work relationships, it could impact personal ones too.

The Dragon in 2018

Dragon 2018Dragons getting through 2018 are going to need to be clever and plan carefully as there will be conflict between them and the Dog, the dominant animal of 2018. This is not the year to rely on instincts, your hunches are not something to be trusted, you need to use your intellect and stay under the radar to avoid attracting negative luck. You cannot trust your instincts because your spirit essence is low and the lung ta or personal Windhorse is weak. To get anywhere is going to take work and success luck is not going to be easy to get. Your hopes lay with the number 8 Prosperity star, the Star of Big Auspicious with the 24 Mountains Compass.

The Tiger in 2018

Tiger forecast 2018There are many positive things about 2018 for the Tiger with indications of good vital energy and good creative ideas. The strong spirit essence and life force will help boost your enthusiasm for life and your energy will be such that you may try to do much at once and you will need to make sure your confidence does not come too close to being aggressive. There will be some obstacles to overcome and some disharmony with the number 3 star interfering with some of your plans. Make sure you keep a lid on your anger energy and later in the year when the success luck is low use some feng shui cures to boost it and your weakened lung ta energy.

The Snake in 2018

Snake 2018The Snake people have some promising luck coming their way in 2108 which will mean some can actually make their own luck and direct it to what they want. The Seal of the Heaven brings you blessings and benefits encouraging you to use the abilities you have to your benefit and to step forward on things. As you are more in control of your destiny you have a chance here to create more opportunities and see your plans have great success. With clear thinking you can end the year feeling very good about things. Other favorable aspects to the year are the number 8 Prosperity star bringing victory and wealth luck. There will also be good luck with your business and personal relationships and plans.The Windhorse energy gets a boost too by that star. Some minor issues can come but compared to the good luck you have they really are minor.

The Rabbit in 2018

Rabbit 2018The feng shui forecast for Rabbits in 2018 shows that any success will happen early in the year rather than later, partly due to the Prosperity star. It is important for Rabbits to spend more time with family and loves ones and to focus on your health this year too. While you may be looking for business success this year needs to have enough time spent on your personal life as otherwise you will notice low energy because the element chart is on the weak side. Be aware you need to work on your self-confidence as there could be some bumps in the road where you let opportunities pass by without grabbing them.

The Sheep in 2018

Sheep 2018Those born under the Sheep will find the feng shui forecast for 2018 quite fulfilling. The number 6 star brings heavenly blessings in the southwest sector and this combines greatly with the Yi Duo Star giving it heaven luck that has been magnified. As there are two stars there can be big changes in your life and because you have a strong life force you will find the strength to take advantage those and the positive Feng Shui winds and lung ta. These things should motivate you to work harder so that you can achieve some big goals you may have. Relationship luck is also good for those already in one and for those looking for a partner.

The Horse in 2018

Feng shui forecast for HorseThe Horse in this coming year has some good things coming and shows promise overall but there will be some minor afflictions that should be easy to overcome. Motivational thinking, self- reliance, better rapport with people in your life and focus comes with the Peach Blossom number 4 star for Wisdom and Romance. This could lead to happiness in 2018, moving you out of the dependency problems you may have once had. Now you have the chance to be strong, independent, and see life differently. You have more passion and more positive outlook as you are able to navigate it yourself. While it is the year of the Dog, this is good for the Horse too as the Dog is its ally. From the yearly star you are able to borrow energies. The elemental chart has some small issues and the 24 Mountains means some hitches will occur but you have what is needed to push through. There is direct challenge from the Three Killings coming from the North but with determination and spiritual focus you can deal with it. The Horse people are often linked with caution and fear and 2018 is a year where you really work on that.

The Pig in 2018

Forecast for Pig 2018There is a mixed bag of luck in 2018 with Pig people, there is some chance for success and happiness but there are also places where you will need to boost positive energies with feng shui cures. There are ways to deal with the lack of strength and confidence being caused by low spirit and life force. Focus on the most positive outcomes so that you do not let depression affect your achievements. Since your sector friend in the Northwest is the Dog which rules 2018 there is some beneficial luck coming your way. Victory winds can be blows towards you on the feng shui winds and the Windhorse element can help you be successful. To empower your other two elemental lucks use those feng shui cures and make sure your attitude is good. Your career and business opportunities will be better when you put everything into it.

The Monkey in 2018

Forecast for MonkeyThere are a number of opportunities for good fortune in the Monkey’s forecast for 2018. It will need some effort put in from you but you will be ready to face the challenge and work as hard as needed. Lifting your confidence and giving you a positive outlooks are the excellent levels of life force and spirit essence. Metal Monkeys that are 38 years old can especially be excited about what 2018 has for them. There will be new people entering your life and new opportunities coming. With that confidence and the rapport you build with new people you can make some pretty ambitious plans and see them come good. You can rely on your instincts as you make decisions about which opportunities you want to take advantage of. A cosmic blessing will favor you in the form of the 24 Mountains Compass provision of the Star of the Golden Deity and there is also the blessings of the number 6 Heaven star. Just make sure you give the Windhorse protection by enhancing your chi energy.

The Dog in 2018

Forecast for DogThe Dog has many opportunities and potential positive results in 2018 with feng shui winds bringing you small but good results. With appeasement the God of the Year Tai Sui will offer the Dog support and good fortune keeps coming thanks to the Nobleman benefactor’s presence. There are two areas on the element chart that are low in 2018, your spirit essence and lung ta but the life force is still strong so some good can still come it will just take harder work. Try to keep an open mind rather than relying on instincts and place your faith in the fact that the victory energy will be at your back. This comes from the number 1 Victory star that is in your sector that will bring opportunity and success in projects. Also in the area just to the left of your sector from the Compass of 24 Mountains is the Star of Small Auspicious. Stay calm if around any conflict and avoid attracting attention and stay positive.

The Rooster in 2018

Rooster 2018The Rooster has an enchanting year coming in 2018 with plenty of confidence, good luck, energy and strength. All three categories have high elemental luck so 2018 could really be a year to remember in all your career and in your relationships. You will need to prepare for the number 2 Illness star early in the year as this energy is strongly negative so use feng shui cures. Also prepare for the 24 Mountains Stars that bring chaos and conflict. There is a lot of potential for happiness but there are a couple of very negative aspects that need feng shui cures used quite aggressively because of their strength.


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