Feng Shui 2017


Feng Shui 2017

The forecast for 2017 looking at the Feng Shui horoscope is an encouraging one so most of us can look forward to the new year. There is more stability and harmony thanks to the fact that 2017s Paht Chee has all of the five elements. There should be great opportunities for not just improving your wealth but also for growth, for creativity and for leadership skills.

feng shui 2017

Another very positive thing about next year is that the Feng Shui chart is governed by the #1 Victory Star, one of the most auspicious stars. This indicates that for many there will be new chances, new beginnings whether that be related to your work or whether you are looking to broaden your horizons or move to something new. The #1 White Star is also there to encourage new advancements and growth and give you a new opportunities of improvement. To help in this area you can carry on you a victory enhancing talisman on your key chain and your home’s center put up a Feng Shui Victory Banner.

This auspicious luck though will not just come without some effort from you. People who put in some energy to earning the rewards are the ones who benefit the most. That is not to say that there will be no conflict or that you should not take care when situations arise, there could still be some issues that arise, for example 2016s left over anger energy may still affect 2017s more civil tone. For this reason carrying the Peace and Harmony Amulet is recommended by Feng Shui experts to divert that negative energy so that you are not too affected.

This will be the Year of the Rooster and the Paht Chee chart does show potential for problems with rivals and even friends giving competition. Even those friends who have been around for a long time may have problems with jealousy towards you. With love and with business there could be issues with gossiping and backstabbing. Carry with you an anti-evil eye bracelet and a Friendship Amulet on your key chain. Other signs will find this a stable year and one that offers opportunities in luck, advancement in work and gaining more wealth. The bird energy of the Rooster also helps to lift people towards excellence as well as their spirits. Display some Rooster figurines at work and in your home to bring in those luck energies.

Feng Shui Elements

Wealth luck is predicted to be enhanced and you can benefit from this because of the added strength of awakening the Fire element. Keep your home’s front door lit brightly. If you are under a horoscope sign that has a weaker wealth luck prediction for 2017 then place in your space a wealth lamp. Looking over the whole year the smoothest season will be summer where there will be no interference or blocks to your plans. The fire energy of this season reaches its peak and this brings the best luck for money making, having progress in your finances and the time for investing wisely.

Other important things to see success are improving your power, your rank and being better recognized for your abilities and skill. The Earth energy for 2017 appears to be very auspicious and strong. With an inscribed mighty crystal at the center of your home that has auspicious mantas such as Om Mani Crystal Ball with Mantra, or Five Blessings Good Fortune Obsidian Crystal Ball this can increase the Earth energy you receive. You can also increase it with crystal bracelets, crystal pendants or other crystal jewelry.

Metal energy in 2017 also looks to be positive meaning there will be protection against financial difficulties or ruin and you will have more chance of emergency savings being in place when needed. If you are a sign that does not benefit from the Metal energy you should certainly wear gold items to increase it.

Wood energy is balanced in 2017 which means there are good opportunities for creativity and for those of intelligence.

Feng Shui 2017 Horoscope – A Forecast for all 12 animal signs


ratLooking at the Feng Shui forecast for 2017 there should be a lot to look forward to for those born under the sign of the Rat. Out of all the signs this one should see the best over all chance of good luck with the elements interacting well and the Flying Star chart offering blessings too. Your ally the Ox sends the Big Auspicious Star your way and in your chart is the Heavenly Star sending you blessings so if you move to activate all that good fortune you will benefit more. Your friend the Ox can help you this year so look for those born under this sign around you. Or make sure you carry an Ox talisman. In 2017 there will be chances to make big decisions and have confidence in the rightness of them. This is not a year to hold back, reach for the sky!



ox2017 is an exciting time for Ox signs looking at the Feng Shui forecast. While the element luck is just average there is harmony and peace in your relationships from the Peach Blossom Star. There is the potential for love either a new love or a forever love, and there are also new friendships on the horizon. The #4 Star Peach Blossom also will have a good influence on any training, studying or educating you may do. There are two Big Auspicious Stars in this chart in 2017 and people born under the Ox are the only ones to benefit from getting a double luck blessing. Be ready for opportunities especially ones that could lead to big deals in your career or business ventures.


tigerTaking a look at the forecast for the Tiger there are areas where there will be excitement and productivity, but there are also things to be overcome. Love and romance are possible with the #4 Peach Blossom Star but if you are a married Tiger this means there is the risk of being tempted into infidelity. If you are looking for increased luck in success and wealth the Star of Big Auspicious may help with that with a chance at completing a big project or accomplishment at work.


rabbitThe Feng Shui forecast horoscope for the Rabbit in 2017 will find the year brings them quick success thanks to the Prosperity Star, the star of the 8 Period. It is vital you spend time with those you care for and that you spend some time also taking care of yourself. Get the balance right of business life and home life, as being overly zealous at work could lead you to lose energy considering your element chart for this year is weak. You also need to work on your self-confidence otherwise it could lead to setbacks and opportunities passing you by.


dragon2017 is not the best year for Dragons but there is a silver lining. Since this is the Year of the Rooster and the Rooster is your secret friend you could get help there in having some success from somewhere unexpected. There will be some successes as past efforts will start to pay off and when things do go well, they will go really well. Just stay focused and strong when things are not going as smoothly as you would like and so not give up. Make your plans, be positive and when you need to use your great sense of humor over it all.


snakeThere are some exciting things coming for the 2017 Feng Shui forecast for the Snake. There will be small but steady successes leading to productivity plus you have two Stars of Small Auspicious to help with your happiness and successes. Long term luck is also enhanced by the presence of the #9 Star so try to be patient if things are not going as fast are exactly how you want. Things will happen it just is a slow and steady year for you but that will lead to some great moments.


horseThe Horse is going to see some unfortunate luck sadly in 2017, particularly in the months that start the year. You have in your home sector the very much unwanted #5 Misfortunate Star so you are going to be working hard to overcome problems and obstacles that are going to come up in your projects and plans. Thankfully there is some good  news, the elemental luck on your chart is strong which is going to help you get through it, and this will see the second part of the year be a lot better. There will be success then you just need to get there!


sheepGood luck is certainly coming to the Sheep in 2017 but there will be things to overcome first and the #7 Star means there will be the potential for some danger. Adding to the success your 24 Mountains have two Stars of Small Auspicious but this will not mean major success, it will a number of small ones. While the 24 Mountains look to be more promising the elemental luck is on the weak side. With such a mix coming your way you will need to be strong and use some feng shui protections to improve your odds.


monkeyWhen analyzing the Feng Shui forecast horoscope for 2017 the Monkey seems to be in for a good year. In terms of energy while it is not going to be outstanding it should be enough to get you through and to have success. In terms of finances while there will not be huge gains there will be more steps towards having a future that is financially secure. There is the chance at having promotion luck and any efforts you make will be observed and approved.


roosterThis is the year of the Rooster and for those born under this sign the year of 2017 comes with some great successes but the path leading to them may be a hard one, and may be longer than you  might expect. There are some good element luck aspects and some that are not as great so be prepared that while there is potential things are not going to come easily. The #3 Quarrelsome Star brings with it the potential for harm but just try to hold on to that temper and remain positive.


dog2017 comes with some success for Dogs but it is likely to happen in ways you do not foresee or expect. The Golden Deity Star will lead you to look more towards joy, spirituality and happiness than more material concerns like success or money. So while you may drop somewhat in your drive for wealth and business success it will not be as important this year so it won’t matter. As a result your relationships are going to benefit as you show your friends and family your appreciation.


pigThere are going to be many opportunities for happiness and success in 2017 for those born under the Pig sign. The Feng Shui horoscope shows that your Elemental luck is excellent and there will be a drive to take the necessary steps to reach your goals and to build on your strength. If you put you mind to something there is not much that will stop you. Luck in relationships also looks good so this could be the year you make that forever commitment and settle down. The only threat to your overall luck is the Illness Star which could slow you down for a while.


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