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Feng Shui Forecast 2016

The Rat

In 2016, Rats will go through a mix of inner confidence rising and life force being heightened leading to a strong sense of authority. You need to start working harder now. As a Water sign yourself, you are the missing water element from your chart which helps creates an off balance flow occasionally that helps to suppress the # 7 Robbery/Violent Star from discovering you. To bring matriarchal good fortune to yourself, use the Goddess energies and your own water strength. This is also the year to use more protective amulets.

feng shui rat

Overall the best month will be October through December also brings with it some opportunities and May is when love will shine. To aid in your auspicious luck look to Monkey and Dragon for help as they carry the Year and Day Pillars.

The Ox

ox 2016For the Ox born 2016 is going to be a challenging year for a few reasons, one being your overall elements are not compatible with 2016’s energies and another is the threat the Misfortune Star #5 brings with its presence. Try to prepare for setbacks and poor luck and keep in mind your energy level and confidence will be lower because of only average levels of spirit essences and life force. But as an Ox you know how to dig deep and call on resources when you need them, enabling you to rise above the troubles and take charge of your life.

The Female Ox while lacking some inner self belief can still present a strong face to others which will reassure those around her. The male Ox can use strategy and mental strength to try and counter the Feng Shui negativity and get the best results politically, financially and emotionally that are possible in this difficult year. Do make use of Feng shui 2016 items to counter the bad energy as this year is not a good year for Ox.

The Tiger

tiger The Year of the Monkey, 2016, is going to test your strength and willpower if you are a Tiger and there is much to overcome. There is the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star as well as having to confront the Tai Sui energy. You will have help to succeed in the form of other Feng Shui influences such as the Windhorse energy, the Star of Big Auspicious from the East and element luck that is highly charged.

Tiger men will find the year harder than Tiger women, as the latter will get help from the power of Eight in the Southwest sector. This will give women energy and fill them with a sense of responsibility they can out to use to make you stronger. Men need to make more plans to achieve what they want in terms of health luck and financial stability.


The Rabbit

rabbitThe forecast for Rabbit for this year is full of good fortune. The Stars of Big Auspicious will surround you and bring with them some excitement. You can also plan for maximum wealth luck with the Star of Future Prosperity. In 2015 your Windhorse energy was lacking but in 2016 it is strong and powerful once more. If you work hard and keep focused on your goals you can get the most from this astrological luck with a lot of success and a variety of great opportunities coming your way.

Include Feng Shui enhancers in your plans and aim high to reach the potential. This is definitely the year to be setting big goals as it is going to be an extraordinary year. Don’t forget those enhancers to get a boost and bring chi energy from refreshed new sources.

The Dragon

dragonThe Dragon has two auspicious stars in Feng Shui appear in 2016, the 24 Mountains and the Victory Star. This means a large amount of wealth could be coming your way and you should see great success and rewards from business ventures that may change your life. It all depends on how you act to boost the rewards. Your spirit essence and life force are actually a bit low in this 2016 Feng Shui forecast so you need to lift your confidence and energy.

Keep focused and avoid being distracted by smaller matters to compete. By minding your actions and taking courage from the energies of Feng Shui 2016, could see you reaching great heights.

The Snake

snakeThis year is a good year for Snake people as you will get a lot of confidence and energy you need from a high spirit essence and life force. Be sure you keep going forward as things unfold for you and you can achieve Feng Shui victory. Monkey could be a secret astrological friend for you which will be something exciting in your life. This forecast sees that 2016 is a time for new things, making plans for the future, meeting new people, experiencing new opportunities.


Trust your inner voice and your own judgment in these matters as you are favored with astrology alignment and the energies of Feng Shui. Things can really work out very well for you if you take advantage of the opportunities this year has to offer and trust yourself and be enthused.

The Horse

horseHorses are set to achieve in 2016 with high levels of vitality and a clear picture of what you want from the future. Make sure though that you keep an open mind and have room left for the unexpected as you will be blessed with several unexpected benefits this year. Success will come easily and quickly for those that are Horses because the ascending Feng Shui elements will give power to your spirit essence and your life force.

This year has an energy that is matriarchal suiting female Horses in particular helping them with their plans and moving forwards to success. Male Horses can still do well but need to trust their instincts more and make sure they stay calm to overcome any obstacles.

The Sheep

sheepThere is a large amount of auspicious Feng Shui energy and good luck for Sheep in the year of the Monkey 2016. However you will need to activate that good fortune so you will need to have focus on your desires and to maximize the good luck use Feng Shui cures. You can also use enhancers to help waken the #8 Star to get the most prosperity possible.

There are a number of months that are good in 2016 if you are Sheep but the best month to look for is November where you could achieve much happiness and huge success.

The Monkey

monkeyIt is the year of the Monkey in 2016, so Monkeys can look forward to a great year. The #8 Wealth Star comes into your home sector meaning you can take advantage of the prosperity and good fortune you can get from the #8. The supportive Tai Sui and the Big Auspicious Star will also have a beneficial effect on you this year meaning you can plan for long reaching results and have a smooth rise towards achieving them. There are a couple of things of caution to note though. First of all your Windhorse (lung ta) and your Life Force are weak this year which could impact on the success and energy you will have. You should strengthen these forces with Feng Shui suggestions. Thankfully your astrological spirit is still powerful so your confidence should remain high.

Female Monkeys will get recognition luck but men need to take care that they do not push themselves too hard when trying to achieve their goals.

The Rooster

roosterThose with the sign of the Rooster have a lot to look forward to this year as the Feng Shui forecast sees a lot of great fortune coming your way thanks to the three Big Auspicious Stars landing in your home location in the West. The Peach Blossom Star may mean this year you will see better luck in romance and love and abundance and Windfalls look good. Do look out for temptation and infidelity though coming from the Star of External Romance. You will need to use support from Feng Shui remedies to help prevent obstacles so you can enjoy the blessings of the year.

Women need to be aware there is the chance of emotional overload which though will be mostly good still needs to be prepared for so it does not get out of hand. Men need to be prepared for hard work but will be well motivated to reach what you desire. Roosters should be ready to score big this year.

The Dog

dogWhen looking at the forecast for this year for Dogs, it can be seen to be a mixed year. With the 24 Mountain Feng Shui stars of Big and Small Auspicious there is the possibility of very good fortune. At times things will go smoothly for you, but due to the #3 Hostile Star that comes your way there will also be times of difficulty.

Things you will need to watch for and get out of the way of include stress, conflict and even possible danger. Try to push down your angry energy and look for Feng Shui cures that will help strengthen your spirit essence and your life force. Try to help those around you and squash petty thoughts when they arise and this may help you still achieve your goals.

The Boar

pig2016 is definitely a very lucky year for the Boar so be sure to enjoy it. In fact in some ways the potential of your fortune is higher than any other sign this year. The 24 Mountains bring the Heaven Seal which gives abundant blessings and this means your confidence levels are strong. Your life force and spirit essence are also good as is your personal energy both outside and inside. This will give you a head start over others to achieve your goals.

Both women and men can enjoy the luck and high levels of achievement but be wary of the #3 Hostile Star that may bring with it worry and stress. Look for Feng Shui cures to counteract this star and when you have obstacles to face stay calm.



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