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Feng Shui Guide 2015

The Rat

feng shui ratThose born in the year of the Rat are in for a very successful year in 2015. This is based on both the star of 8 on the feng shui chart bringing you to your North and the 24 Mountains compass, which indicates two auspicious events. But even though it seems everything will be working in your favor you still need to make sure you plan for that success and keep motivated. Even with energies favoring your sign so significantly keep your inner essence strong and do what is needed to boost your confidence levels. There are astrological friends you can lean on when you need to like the Monkey who has strong inner essence and life force. You can also make stronger the Windhorse lung ta by invoking it and joining in fully with the strong flow of positive energies. Try to avoid negative or hostile vibes directed towards you and use strong Water energy to energize the number 8.

April is the month to be ready for though June too will offer you opportunities you were not expecting. If you are looking for love the time will come in August. The end of 2015, in the final 3 months are also positive and then it all comes to fruition in January 2016.

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The Ox

oxYour personal Windhorse is strong and this will be to your benefit in a lucky and successful 2015. It will require only a little effort to result in success. The heavenly star of 6 blesses you bringing you surprising good fortune and support from strong benefactors. You must make sure you do not face Southwest 1 though so that you can avoid being in conflict with the Tai Sui. On the 8th day of the Lunar New Year make sure you honor the God of Heaven as he is supporting you. You can do this by displaying the Heaven Seal and inviting pictures of Cosmic Protectors, especially King Gesar who rides to victory on the powerful Windhorse. More feng shui 2015 products are available at FengShuiMall.

The best two months for you in 2015 will be near the start and end, February and November. Heaven will smile on you in the month of April and again in January 2016. For love look to the month of June.

The Tiger

2015 forecast for tigerYour blessings in 2015 come mostly from the heavenly star of 6 and will include good luck and support from benefactors with influence. This positive year is further strengthened by your position of sitting on the Heaven Seal. On the 8th day of the Lunar New Year you should honor the God of Heaven. To make sure the lucky energies around you are activated carry or display the Heaven Seal close by. Offer special incense to the Cosmic Protectors to appease them and this will bring you the benefit of King Gesar’s presence rising the Windhorse. Your lung ta which is weak will then be strengthened completing your luck and ensuring better success. Putting on or displaying the Harmony Crest will also see you benefit from the luck of four of the four friends.

Key months in 2015 will be February and November, in 2016 it will be April and January. Love is best looked for in the Summer month of June. There will be strength in your spirit essence and life force this year.

The Rabbit

rabbit 20152015 brings people born under the Rabbit powerful victory winds brought to the location East by the heavenly star of 1, so read from the feng shui chart. Your luck is also good as the auspicious Ho Tu of 6/1 means that wisdom comes to you better enabling you to have good judgment and make wise decisions. The winds are balanced and in harmony for you and your spirit essence and life force are truly strong. Do not allow anything to stop you in your successful year and make your lung ta stringer by offering incense offering regularly to the Cosmic Protectors and wear the Windhorse. Put on show the victory flag and image of the mighty King Gesar to invoke his presence and give energy to the victory star.

Months to look forward to are in Spring, April, May and June. This is when your good fortune will be at its highest, so anything you start or take on during this time is going to be more successful. August is also a good month, and those looking for love should look forward to October.

The Dragon

Chinese Sign Dragon2015 is a time when those born under the sign of the Dragon need to look towards their inner self and their spirituality. Your sign will sit on the Star of Golden deity and the star to your left is of of big auspicious. You will experience some luck with finances as shown by the Ho Tu of 7/2. Though in general the year will be favorable there will be some illness unless proper feng shui care is taken.  It is important that this is the year you enhance your Windhorse so wear it and perform enhancing rituals. To get the success you want you will need to be strong in energy and though your life force is strong your confidence may suffer. To further improve your money situation carry the Ho Tu Mirror for better luck and try to stay away from energies that wish to argue with you.

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In 2015 September will see some unforeseen good fortune come your way but July is your best month. If you are looking for love you have two months most suited for this, February and November. In January of 2016 make sure to look to your personal health.

The Snake

snake 20152015 is a very lucky year for the Snake as your sign sits on the star of Big Auspicious and on either side of you are two Golden Deities. Large money luck comes from the Southeast direction and the Ho Tu of 7/2 and apart from an illness star that can be easily corrected with feng shui cures, your sign is otherwise favored strongly by the energies. The strength of your lung ta means that 2015 will be a victoriously lucky year for you even without putting in a lot of energy, just make sure to wear the Windhorse and carry out the Windhorse raising rituals. Do you best to avoid energy around you that is quarrelsome and when you need to increase your energy levels carry your Ho Tu mirror.


July is the best month of 2015 for you but also September will be interesting as it brings with it some unforeseen but welcome opportunities. For those Snakes looking for love look to February and November. In January of 2016 take extra care with your health.

The Horse

horse 2015On either side of the Horse sign is a star of Big Auspicious which indicates 2015 will be an exciting year for you. However do be warned that the winds of feng shui also bring the number 7 and robbery and violence are indicated by the Metal star so be on guard. Energy for you this year will be difficult as your natural Windhorse is weak. However there are allies around that will support you when you need it. As one of the four strong animal signs according to the Paht Chee you can lean on Tiger allies and your not well known Sheep friend. Your luck could change if you wear the Harmony Crest of the four Paht Chee signs. By the end of 2015 you can see success. To get better comic luck forces to come your way display the Power Mirror, this will ensure you are tapped into the Ho Tu power from the center grid.

Your three good months will be March, May will see good fortune, and December. If you are looking for love July is the month that seems most promising for. You would benefit this year from wearing the powerful Windhorse and displaying King Gesar’s image.

The Sheep

feng shui sheep signThe Sheep has the number 9 brought to you by this year’s feng shui winds and the Star of Future Prosperity. Along with the great potential this star brings there is also a lot of luck coming from the color purple which indicates you will see a lot of wealth and from sitting directly on the star of Tai Sui. On either side of this sign are a small star and big star of Big Auspicious luck. In the Paht Chee the Sheep is made stronger by the presence of a soulmate and secret friend the Horse, and an ally in the Boar. They will bring you harmony, good will and support you. To energize all this luck wear the Harmony Crest. You will have a good life force this year.

In March, April and May you have three good months and then December and January of 2016 are again particularly good months for you. September is the month for looking for love.

The Monkey

monkey forecastIn 2015 the Monkey’s spirit and life force are at their peak, meaning there is a great potential for a great year. You will benefit also from the Star of Future Prosperity as well as the lucky number 9. Also very strong are your element energies which will maximize the ways you can benefit from every piece of good luck you get. As your personal Windhorse in 2015 is neutral you would be wise to invite the great King Gesar, enhance the Windhorse with rituals and wear it. If you can try to avoid quarrelsome energies and time your decisions carefully to benefit fully.

Three good months are March, April and May and you have another 2 good months in December of 2015 and January of 2016. If you are looking for love September is the best month.

The Rooster

rooster forecastIn 2015 the Rooster enjoys a strong spirit essence and life force and a strong Windhorse. This means there is a lot of potential this year if you put in the needed hard work and are able to face down some stiff feng shui winds. There is some sign of a ‘disaster’ with the 24 mountains and the star of three killings, but the Rooster performs at his best when facing challenging odds and you can emerge from all of that victorious. When faced with negative vibrations use cures to suppress them and to reflect impressive cosmic luck in your direction use mirror energies. Avoid hostile people and have in your space the cosmic protectors.

October is the best month of the year for you and December also brings with it some opportunities you had not foreseen. There are only two signs in 2015 that have very strong inner energy and the Rooster is one of them. Use this to visualize your success and you can achieve it.

The Dog

forecast for dogThe Ho Tu of 4/9 means the Dog should be experiencing a lot of luck in business dealings in 2015. Those Dogs in professional consultancy work or in commerce should benefit in particular so make sure to activate the HoTu by having with you the mirror to reflect good fortune energies into your space. In the location of Northwest your sign is visited by the Peach Blossom star so this is also a great year for your love life. Make sure you have in place some feng shui remedies to deal with hostile energies. While your life force is strong this year, your spirit essence is not so strengthen your personal lung ta with an invitation to King Gesar and wear the Windhorse.

In April 2015 and January 2016 you have the best chance of gaining scholarship luck and successful romance. Your months for the best fortune are February, September and November.

The Boar

pig 2015 forecastYou are in a stable position benefiting from the Earth Seal Star you are sitting on and will see auspicious luck in business from the Ho Tu of 4/9. You have the Star of Big Auspicious also benefiting you and the Peach Blossom Star means there may be luck in romance and marriage. In this year’s Paht Chee your sign appears along with your allies and friends the Sheep and the Tiger. Your spirit essence this year is low as is your life force so to overcome this make sure you wear your Paht Chee Harmony Crest. To improve your luck and success invite in the presence of the powerful warrior King Gesar and his mighty stead the Windhorse. By having his image in your home you can make your lung ta stronger.

February, September and November are all good months for you in 2015 in terms of good fortune. For those looking for love your months are April and January of 2016. Those two months are also where scholarship luck is at its highest.

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