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Bring Renewed Life to Your Living Space with these 18 Methods


It is easy for energy to become blocked within your home. Using auspicious placement of furniture and home decorations can unblock this energy and restore positive Feng Shui chi. There are secrets to reviving the energy in your home, and particularly the living room and bedrooms, making them a peaceful retreat and giving you the ability to protect your home from any possible harm from the world outside.

The Door Areas

fengshui door

1Begin with your front door, where all the energy of the outside world has a chance of entering. Ensure that only powerful and positive energy can get through by displaying auspicious creatures such as the Chi Lin, Dragon Tortoise or Fu Dogs near the door to empower it. Choose creatures that appeal to you and represent all that you desire.

2Water energy located at or near your door (inside or out) can help attract growth energy, a key ingredient to continuous good fortune luck.

3Protect both sides of your door for auspicious good luck. Keep clutter to a minimum both inside and out to clean out old or negative energy. Using the five elements of the Universe will symbolize the positive energy you wish to attract. WATER brings about wealth, FIRE attracts recognition and success, METAL provides strength and overall protection, EARTH will bring grounding luck, and WOOD attracts expansive growth luck. Be creative in how you use these elements at your door – use Feng Shui statues or items that you feel at peace with.

4Be aware that a great deal of protection can be provided by keeping a pair of Fu Dogs on either side of your front door. These celestial beings offer strong protection from afflictions or harm. To further enhance their power, tie a red ribbon around their necks.

Your Hallway

fengshui hallway

5De-clutter any hallways to clear blocked energy. This includes shoes or items of clothing, packages, or any other items that have been allowed to accumulate in the foyer entrance to your home. Furniture is acceptable – in fact, it will slow down and maintain chi – but be mindful not to let other items gather in this area.

Your Living Room

Elegant beige interior

6Attract magnified feng shui energy and power by placing decorative images in the eight corners. Pay attention to the following chart when placing auspicious objects to magnify good luck:

NORTH – employ a Water element to bring about career luck. NORTHEAST – use an Earth element to empower career and education luck. EAST – a Wood element will attract health and family luck. The SOUTHEAST should contain a Wood element to attract wealth energy. In the SOUTH, place a Fire element to energize fame luck.

SOUTHWEST – an Earth element placed here will energize your love and marriage. WEST – place a Metal element for good descendant luck. In the NORTHWEST – a Metal element will encourage magnified mentor luck.

7Allow natural sound to flow into your living room. The sounds of dogs or cats are good choices. Any peaceful sound is acceptable, since too much silence gives the feeling or a tomb or negative underground location.

The Kitchen



8The best location for a kitchen is deep within the home – the “heart” of the home. The least desirable location would be where the kitchen is visible from the front door, and avoid the Northwest and Southwest if at all possible.

9The location of the sink plays a role in attracting good fortune. Avoid having the kitchen water tap near the stove area, or directly facing the stove. The stove represents the element of Fire, which could attract negativity to the element of Water represented by the sink.

10Use salt rituals to energize and revitalize your kitchen and your entire home. Once a year is a good time to sprinkle salt on the floor, the door and the walls of the kitchen, or to wipe salt on these areas. Salt clears away negative energy and ensures that the food you prepare is free of stale or harmful energy.

Your Dining Room


11Place a mirror in your dining room to attract double the abundance luck. A large wall mirror would be preferable, symbolizing large quantities of prosperity and wealth. The mirror should reflect all members of the family and the food on the table, bringing good fortune and feng shui luck to all.



12To attract peaceful rest, choose soothing colors for your bedrooms, creating a sanctuary of sorts. While color is fine, avoid anything too bright which could disturb sleep. Keep decorative objects to a minimum to avoid activating too much yang energy.

13From time to time, cleanse all surfaces of the bedrooms with a cloth dipped in natural salt water. Open all nearby windows and doors to bring in a positive flow of chi and use any other feng shui clearing tools of your choice such as a singing bowl to further cleanse the area of stagnant energy.

Overall Design Tools

14Light plays a major role in the yang energy of your home. Keeping the rooms light will bring lightness and positive energy while overly dark areas with shadows encourage negativity. Positive light can be achieved with your choice of lighting features.

15Furniture arrangement can affect the flow of chi energy. Pay attention to how people will navigate within your home and focus on creating a peaceful, meandering feeling. Strategically direct traffic with clever furniture placement, especially where heavy furniture is concerned. Be sure to keep obstacles out of the way and provide a comfortable path for walking from place to place within a room.

16For best results in re-energizing the chi in your home, do some rearranging of decorations or furniture now and then. This will revitalize the energy and attract new and positive cosmic vibrations while eliminating old vibrations.

17The energy of the sun can ensure that you and your family stay strong and positive together. Blessings come to those who tap into the energy of the sun and hanging crystals in the windows to catch the rays of the sun further enhances this positive energy source.

18It is tempting to attempt renovation or remodeling projects, but each year there are areas that are considered taboo in feng shui practice . Before undertaking such projects be mindful of disturbing these areas or it could cause misfortune to attack those living in your home. If you realize that you have already begun a remodeling project in a taboo area, remedy the afflictive energy with powerful Feng Shui products and cures. The afflictions to watch out for are the Wu Wang, Tai Sui and Three Killings.



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