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Appeasing the Wrath of the Mighty Tai Sui


The Chinese people and followers of feng shui hold the Tai Sui, also known as the Grand Duke Jupiter, in great esteem while also showing a healthy amount of fear surrounding him. The goal is to appease Tai Sui at all times, specifically as his mighty power moves to affect various zodiac signs in different ways each year. Tai Sui is believed by the Chinese to be a powerful Earth God who oversees the matter that take place on Earth. In the night skies, Tai Sui is an intangible star that moves directly opposite to the planet Jupiter. Each year, one of 60 Heavenly Generals in charge of assisting the Jade Emperor takes a turn at assuming the role of the Tai Sui and so a different personage is in charge each year and his appointment commences on the day of the “Lap Chun”.

Taoist belief states that the Jade Emperor looks at his 60 Heavenly Generals and evaluates their characteristics, their particular strengths and their temperaments to determine who will rule in each year of a 60-year cycle. Each General carries a different implement and these offer clues to the well-being of the year they govern. In a year when Tai Sui is seen holding a pen, it indicates that political instability may occur. If Tai Sui is depicted holding a sword or spear, it signifies that success may not come easily and extra work will be needed to manifest good success luck.

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It is also a common Chinese practice to pray to the Tai Sui at the start of a lunar year, to seek to be spared from harm, ill feng shui winds and obstacles in their life endeavors.

On a more personal level, we tend to take on personality traits belonging to whatever General governs the year we were born. This deity is believed to pay particular attention to us and be interested in helping us with our goals and desires. In a sense, this figure becomes a form of a “guardian angel” for us, warding off harm and encouraging the fulfillment of our wishes.

In ancient times, these Heavenly Generals were often requested to intercede on behalf of their “God children” or those that they protected, to assist in dealing with other higher-ranking Taoist deities. It is more likely that a normal person, for instance, to seek help from his/her Heavenly General than from the more powerful and spiritually-elevated Jade Emperor.

How Tai Sui Affects Zodiac Signs


In feng shui, while all signs must be cautious of offending Tai Sui, there will always be one zodiac sign that will be more directly impacted by his wrath. This sign must expect to suffer from some type of misfortune, which will vary from person to person. Your individual birth details will further determine how hard, and in what area of your life, Tai Sui may strike.

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The four pillars of your birth sign, known as your Paht Chee, might also include the particular zodiac sign that is due to clash with the Tai Sui. If this is the case, this will also bring about extreme difficulty in that particular year. A Feng Shui master can help you determine the detailed elements of your birth chart and this will reflect what your four pillars are and whether they are affected in any given year.

How Tai Sui Affects Your Home

Tai Sui’s location changes each year and you may be impacted personally or at home depending on the zodiac animal sign that dominates any given year. Hence in the Year of the Horse the Tai Sui is located in the South sector of the compass. Thus, Southern interior areas of homes and offices will be hit by Tai Sui since it resides there in 2014.

It is advised that you keep an area affected by Tai Sui as calm and quiet as possible. This means keeping noise from any source to a minimum – radio or TV for example, and especially noise from renovation or repair work. The best advice would be to put off plans to remodel or break ground until the next year to avoid offending Tai Sui.

The penalty for offending the Tai Sui can come in many forms of misfortune, including ill health, accidents, career setbacks, financial loss, or personal injury involving a loss of blood.

It is well worth taking time to determine the location of Tai Sui each year as well as whether your own sign is expected to be threatened by his wrath, so that extra caution can be taken and protective Tai Sui Feng Shui cures can be used to appease him.


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