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5 Ways to Feng Shui Your Bedroom


Positive energy in a house is extremely important for every human being to lead a happy and successful life. You probably know that Feng Shui matters and has the power to transform the energy in any room from negative to positive, but since the bedroom is the sanctuary where you rest and recharge, it is the most important room in the house and should have positive energy in order for you to lead a healthy life.

A good sense of positivity in the bedroom helps pump up your romantic life along with your ability to be in control. The traits of a good Feng Shui bedroom are the 3 Ps: pleasant, peaceful, and pleasurable. Your bedroom should consist of the 3 Ps whether you go there for a power nap, proper sleep or just to make love with your significant other.

feng shui lightingFeng shui for the bedroom

Creating good and positive energy in your bedroom is simple. Here are 5 ways to do so:

1.    Position of Your Bed & Windows

By the rules and regulations of the Feng Shui commanding position, your bed should be placed as far from the door as possible and should face the door diagonally. Make sure your bed is never right across the door in a straight line as this creates negative energy. Avoid placing your head close to a window while sleeping because it is believed that your chi scatters out of the window while you are asleep causing you to feel tired and worn-out by the time you wake up.

2.    Appropriate Lighting


Light being the number one nutrient and among the strongest demonstration of energy bears high importance. If the lighting in your room is too dim or too bright, invest in numerous levels of lighting for your room. You could also opt for a dimmer switch so you can regulate the energy however you want. Candles are known to be the best lighting for a good Feng Shui bedroom.

feng-shui-lightingGood lighting is essential

3.    Mirror Placement in the Bedroom

If you are not sleeping well at nights and wake up feeling tired, your mirror might well be the culprit because it is believed that mirrors bounce energy inside the bedroom. It is also believed that mirrors increase worries. For this reason, mirrors should not be placed next to the bed, above the bed nor should they be placed in such a manner that you would see your reflection while lying in bed.

4.    Balanced Colors

For the bedroom walls, skin tone colors are often preferred, from cream to cocoa. Restful colors include light blues, greens and lavenders. Avoid painting your walls in dull or cool colors such as grays, blues or stark whites because they are believed to intrude with relaxation.

bedroom feng shui colorFeng shui colors suitable for the bedroom

5.    Bedroom Art

In order to create good Feng Shui in the bedroom, avoid art that portrays violence, sad or upsetting images, and any art that symbolizes solitude in any way. Only put up art that is uplifting and makes you feel happy, inspired or motivated. Select the art for your bedroom cautiously because art carries powerful energy.


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